With 2012 right around the corner it must be time for another Marvel Comics event. The event? The Avengers Vs The X-Men. Matt Fraction is set to helm this huge and unique task.  Marvel has announced that the same day that the first issue hits the stores in April, it will also be available digitally — THE same day! If you’re one of the people that buys the paper version of the comic, don’t worry, you get a bonus-a free downloadable copy from the Marvel app with your purchase.

What makes this event stand out even more than past events is how the writing duties will be divided. Each issue of the series will be scripted by a different writer. Who are the writers you ask? Matt Fraction, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Jason Aaron, and Jonathan Hickman. As for the art, it will be split by three artists each doing a four issue arc. The artists? Man, you guys ask some good questions. The artists are John Romita Jr., Olivier Coipel, and Adam Kubert. Add to that a prologue that gives us a look at the two major players in this, in Fractions terms, “Hugeungus” event, The Scarlet Witch and Hope Summers. Both will be drawn by none other than artist Frank Cho.

Matt FractionHalf of the prologue will be a Scarlet Witch story written by Brian Michael Bendis. Who better than Bendis? After all he’s the one who got rid of  her way back with the House of M and M-Day Events. The other half of the issue will be written by Jason Aaron and will feature Hope Summers, who is fairly new to the Marvel Universe and the first mutant born after M-Day. She did all kinds of time hopping with Cable, her mentor and is a teen now. There is a lot of speculation around Hope Summers — whether she’s the reincarnation of Jean Grey or simply the next host for the universe devouring Phoenix Force. Scarlet Witch and Hope end up crossing paths because the Phoenix Force is coming, and it’s that spark that starts the war between the two teams in the very first issue.

It boils down to The X-Men wanting to protect one of their own (some of the mutants even see her as their messiah), while The Avengers simply want to get their hands on Hope before the Phoenix Force arrives. Remember however, where both teams stand right now. After the Schism event the X-Men dissolved into two teams, one led by Cyclops and one led by Wolverine, and each with different goals. The Avengers may be even worse off after getting creamed in the Fear Itself event.The Avengers Vs The X-Men

Be prepared for lots of internal conflicts to go along with external battles, not only between the two leaders of the X-teams, but also the head of The Avengers-Captain America. Cap has to struggle with the fact that he has to declare war, not only on an entire species, but on friends that have fought beside him. So there will be lots of emotions running wild while claws scrape shield, and that’s exactly what Fraction is going for.

He states, “You crush these characters again and again through various crucibles, and you see what’s left of them at the end. You see if they can still stand up when it’s all said and done. That’s Drama.”

Marvel.com will be holding a live press conference at 3 PM ET Wednesday on Livestream with Matt Fraction, Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, and Johnathan Hikman. Marvel will make use of Google+ so that the fans can interact with the The Avengers Vs The X-Men creators. They are also using the hashtag “#AvX” for fans to converse on FB or Twitter about the series. You can also go to the forums here on Comic Booked and discuss your thoughts on the upcoming event now.

Well that’s all the news we have right now on Marvels 2012 event, but stay tuned to Comic Booked for the latest updates on The Avengers Vs The X-men, right here on the only place to truly get Comic Booked.