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Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut coming soon [Spoilers!]

Zach Story 06/22/2012 News

Back in March the popular Mass Effect trilogy came to a close. While it was highly reviewed by most major gaming sites, the ending was quite divisive. A few defended it’s merit, many more began campaigns like Retake Mass Effect, encouraging fans to “hold the line,” as Commander Shepard might say, and demand more. Above all else, the most unified complaint was that in the end no matter what choice you made, nothing you did before that mattered. For a game that can play out vastly different each time depending on choices made across three games, the fans were expecting something more personal to close off the experience. To illustrate this point some protestors sent 402 cupcakes to BioWare’s offices in Edmonton. All were the same flavor, with only 3 different frosting colors to choose from.

Mass Effect 3

Eventually, co-founder of BioWare Dr. Ray Muzyka responded to the issue defending the writers and gaming itself as an art form, but also humbly recognizing that some gamers were wanting more closure with the characters the players had spent 3 games working with. He promised downloadable content that wouldn’t alter the ending but provide additional scenes and sequences that would personalize the experience for the players. Well, in the last few months conversation has died down about Mass Effect 3‘s ending. Just when you may have thought the internet was done beating the dead horse, BioWare announces that the Extended Cut will be out next Tuesday, July 26. This content will be available for free to everyone who owns the game. Tuesday you can download yours for X-Box, PS3, and PC.

Personally, I was really bothered by my ending, but at peace about it at the same time. I chose synthesis because to me it seemed like the only logical course of action. After fighting to unite the Geth and the Quarians and after encouraging the romance between Joker and E.D.I., how could I make a choice that would end with the destruction of all synthetic life? Unity was a pervasive theme in the story and I went with the ending that reflected that. When E.D.I. and Joker stepped out of the Normandy hand in hand I felt like I had done the right thing. When I saw leaves on trees that had a circuit board look to them my imagination ran wild. I wasn’t happy, but I felt satisfied in a way. But the more I thought about it the more the little things bugged me. Shepard was able to say goodbye to pretty much everyone she ever knew via VidCom before the final battle, but as the player I was unable to say goodbye to these characters. What about everyone I didn’t see walk out of the Normandy? Did they live? Did they die? I almost don’t care either way as long as I get to SEE it for myself.

Mass Effect 3

So what do you guys think? Did you like the ending, or did you hate it? Are you looking forward to the extended cut or are you disappointed in BioWare for making this available? Let us know in the comments or over on our Facebook page!

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