At Wednesday’s Next Big Thing Mystery Liveblog, Marvel announced the next big arc for the Incredible Hulk, titled “Stay Angry”. Starting with May’s Incredible Hulk #8 and running for five issues, writer Jason Aaron describes the story this way:  “Imagine if you took the movie Crank, stuck The Hulk in it, and then every five minutes took out a segment.”

The Liveblog kicked off with a preview to the cover of issue #8, which features an enraged Hulk towering over the Punisher. The first issue of the story finds the Hulk squaring off against a Mexican drug cartel… with the help of the Punisher. The art for this issue is being provided by Punisher MAX artist Steve Dillon. Aaron describes the Hulk/Punisher alliance as an uneasy one, but one where “Punisher gets to play the straight man with Hulk as the crazy one.”

Each of the five issues will be a stand alone story, but each will also feed into a larger story, which Aaron describes as Act Two of the larger Hulk story he’s been developing since his first issue: Stay Angry flows out of the end of Hulk vs Banner, which has a big, shock ending that changes Hulk’s status quo and dynamic again. All I can really say is this is a five-issue story with each issue relatively self-contained for the most part, done by a different artist and in a different location.”

According to Aaron, the Hulk will be, “all over the world, off the world and to at least two corners of the Marvel Universe we’ve never seen before in this arc.” In addition to the Punisher, the Hulk will also encounter Wolverine, Kraven the Hunter, Atlantean mobsters, Russian super soldiers, and “lots of Big Foots.”

Having the Hulk go “on the road” may remind some of the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno television series, in which “David” Banner walked the land Kwai-Chang Caine style and helped those in need. Combine that with the mystery of the Hulk’s need to “stay angry” and add in the insane list of guest stars  mentioned above and this may turn into one of the wildest Hulk stories ever.

Marvel’s Mystery Liveblog series continues tomorrow at 3 p.m. EST/12 Noon PST.