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Marvel’s Next Big Thing: Hunger!

Simon Peter Curran 06/20/2013 Features, ZDONOTUSE
WARNING: This piece contains spoilers for Age of Ultron #10 and some opinions that you might not agree with.

Spinning out of the pages of Marvel’s ten part event, Age of Ultron comes Marvel’s next “Next Big Thing”, but just how big are we talking about here? What can possibly be bigger than the threat of The Avengers greatest foe, Ultron? Only the world eater himself, Galactus!

Missing in the pages of Marvel funny books for a while, the devourer of worlds has been sucked back into the middle of things once more. Due to the multiverse collapse of Age of Ultron #10, Galactus and his heralds now find themselves within the Ultimate Universe. In an event that will change the face of the (Ultimate) universe as we know it, Brian Michael Bendis and Jonathan Hale Fialkov bring you Hunger, a story set over four issues starting this July .

What can we expect now that Galactus has “landed” in the Ultimate Universe? And why Galactus in the first place? Fialkov explained as part of the “Next Big Thing” press call earlier today:

[quote]”I’m a huge, huge Jack Kirby nut. I love a lot of what he created, and I especially love Galactus. Galactus is all over my office. The Ultimate Universe has seen its fair share of crazy stuff…but everything they’ve seen have logical roots. Yes, there’s been giant spaceships in the air, but seeing that after you see a man fly in an iron suit isn’t that crazy. What I hope comes across is the sense of wonder that’s being brought into the Ultimate Universe with the smart, modern tone Brian has established.”[/quote]

As an avid Kirby collector and fan, this can mean good things if handled correctly. Galactus is one of those all mighty, greatly powerful characters, who somehow

always manages to be defeated in very simple ways. With the sheer power that Galactus commands and the lack of Super Powered beings on Ultimate Earth, this should be a breeze for the hungry purple giant, right?

The Ultimate Universe has been slowly decreasing output across the line over the past few years, largely due to the Ultimatum event of 2008/9. We are now left with Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Ultimates and Ultimate Comics X-Men and the occasional miniseries. But it seems that this summer event is a plan to kickstart the Ultimate U and breath new life into the line.

Recent plot threads of Ultimate Spider-Man came into question at the call, and the possibility of introducing more characters into the Ultimate Universe. Bendis said in reference to Miles Morales:

[quote]”He becomes a very important lynch pin in the future of the Ultimate Universe, the issue of Ultimate Spider-Man that came out yesterday with the introduction of Cloak and Dagger shows that we’ve got a lot of characters to introduce yet.”[/quote]

More characters in the Ultimate U can only be a good thing, it’s time for a revamp of a line that has become a little tired, and a little too much of “we’ve seen this before.” The addition of Galactus and the very real danger and threat he brings to these characters can only mean a very interesting turn for the Ultimate U. Personally speaking, anything that is different than Age of Ultron is good in my book, “Hunger” seems the be the only good thing to come out of that story, so far.  Im sure readers can agree, we don’t want big block buster moments and to be shocked at the turn of every page, we want good stories. Not much to ask at all, really.

There will be no tie ins for “Hunger”, but we are assured that the story will impact directly on the titles of the Ultimate Marvel U.

[quote]”The fallout from ‘Hunger’ is HUUUUGE.”[/quote]

We hope so, anyway.

“Hunger” #1 arrives in July from Marvel Comics. Below, we have some preview images from Hunger #1 by Leonard Kirk.

Hunger-1-Preview1-d8f12 Hunger-1-Preview2-09117 Hunger-1-Preview3-ed8ca Hunger-1-Preview4-9ffee

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  1. Skott_Jimenez 06/21/2013 at 3:03 pm

    If there is one thing that will get me to pay attention to this Ultimate thing it's Galactus. Just like the World Devourer, I will be making my first real excursion into the Ultimate Universe this July!

    • jeffhillwriter 06/24/2013 at 1:22 pm

      Looks promising!

  2. Skott_Jimenez 06/21/2013 at 3:04 pm

    But there is a problem with Galactus leaving the 616. As I posted on Facebook: " If Galactus is in the Ultimate Universe then that should mean the 616 is in trouble. Galactus is needed for the continued existence of the 616, I recall when Galactus was killed a few years back it opened the door for a being, I believe called Abraxus, to start killing all the different versions of Galactus and threaten the 616 itself. It's been said many times before that Galactus must exist in the 616 without him reality falls apart. So with him in the Ultimate Universe what does that mean for the 616 and why would he seemingly willingly leave the 616 if he knows his importance to tat realities continues existence?"

    • jeffhillwriter 06/24/2013 at 1:23 pm

      I hope they bring that back. I'm sure they will because, if I remember correctly, that was actually a Jeph Loeb story and him being a big deal at Marvel and all, I highly doubt they'd ignore one of his stories (from back when he could still write). Could be pretty cool.

      • Skott_Jimenez 06/24/2013 at 1:54 pm

        I don't think it was Loeb who came up with the story. I'm trying to remember any Galactus story he had written… Seems like, and I'll have to go back and check, that it was mentioned in the Galactus The Devourer miniseries (the one that if memory serves was originally part of the old Silver Surfer series from the 80's/90's but was made a miniseries when that ongoing was cancelled.) Galactus died in that story and it seems like that was the first time his importance was mentioned because the Abraxus thing happened afterwards.

        • jeffhillwriter 06/24/2013 at 11:39 pm

          Not sure when he first appeared. You could (and probably are) completely correct on that one. I know for a fact that he was in the short-llived Jeph Loeb run. That's the only run (other than the "Unthinkable" storyline that ends it) from the Heroes Return Fantastic Four series that I ever enjoyed. I still own it somewhere. Pretty sure it starts with the annual where there's a giant dead Galactus on the cover. 2001 I believe.

          • Skott_Jimenez 06/27/2013 at 1:05 am

            Mark Waid's Unthinkable story (Fantastic Four #67-#500, the series resumed original numbering after #70) was a great story.
            But yes the Abraxus story started in Fantastic Four Annual 2001 then continued with (I had to look this one up) Fantastic Four #46.

  3. jeffhillwriter 06/24/2013 at 1:24 pm

    I'm actually excited for this one. I wish it was a better writer, but hey, he's surprised me in the past. (I, Vampire wasn't that bad.)

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