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Marvel Teases ‘The First X-Men’

Michael Wirth 05/11/2012 Reviews

Lately, Marvel has been awesome when it came to their press releases. Full of information, teasing just the right amount to ensure that it remains interesting and enticing people to actually buy the issue. But it seems like their up to their old tricks with the latest release.

The First X-Men features nothing except for a simple image with a black & white logo, the word August and a Twitter hashtag of #FirstXMen. The body of the press release was a simple blurb:

Coming this August.


Find out more this Monday @ 5PM EST at


Who are The First X-Men? Join the conversation on Twitter with #FirstXMen


Just what is the First X-Men all about?

So I suppose it’s speculation time! What could the big announcement be? Are Marvel going to reunite the first team of X-Men? Considering Beast hates Cyclops’ guts, Angel is a mental mess, and Jean Grey is dead, this doesn’t seem very likely. Well, the Jean Grey being dead thing really isn’t much of a hurdle, but still.

So, given that we have two and a half days to see what this is all about, I’m interested in hearing what your thoughts on what this First X-Men thing will entail. Let us know in the comments below!

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