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Marvel Teases New Punisher Series

Skott Jimenez 06/29/2012 Reviews

In the words of Bugs Bunny: “Of course you realize… THIS mean War!” Or in the case of Marvel Comics: War Zone as in Punisher War Zone.

All this week Marvel has been releasing teasers indicating some kind of war in the Marvel Universe that doesn’t end well for some of Earth’s Mightiest.

First we were treated to Thor’s mighty hammer…destroyed.


What could possibly do this to Mighty Mjolnir?

Marvel followed this up with Wolverine, in flames:

So, this gave us the ‘clue’ that whatever was coming, it wasn’t going to see Avengers and X-Men differently. War was being declared on everyone. The next teaser was proof of that.

Not even Living Legends were safe:

Captain America
Even Captain America wasn’t exempt from this coming war.

Or Iron Man:

Iron Man
At this point it was obvious that the heavy hitters were targets. Literally, in Iron Man’s case.  It isn’t often you see Iron Man’s mask with bloody bullet holes in it.

Spider-Man would be next:

Spider-Man, beaten with a rather big gun pointed right at him. Never a good sign.

The last teaser, before the big reveal, was not expected:

Black Widow
Unless she’s slipping in her old age, seeing Black Widow being so obviously targeted is surprising.

So, who is responsible for all of this? Well, as I said in the beginning of this report: The Punisher.


It would appear that this October the Punisher is declaring war on the heroes of the Marvel Universe. Has he finally had enough of the madness they’ve been the focus on since the Civil War? I can understand how he would be fed up with these Marvels and their Wars, Reigns, Sieges and the Fear regular people live with while they fight each other under the claim of protecting the world. Maybe he’s finally had enough and sees the heroes as the same sort of threat he sees the villains of the world.

This is, of course, all speculation but it makes sense. We’ll have to wait until the San Diego Comic Con to know the specifics behind all this, Sunday July 15th at 12:30PM PST during the Amazing Spider-Man Panel, to be exact. But until then, feel free to share your opinions here and on our Facebook page or Twitter (#ThisIsWar)!

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