Today, Marvel announced their next big event as cryptically as possible. For a company like Marvel, however, that’s saying quite a bit. Marvel typically writes their press releases in a way that gives use nearly no information about what’s going on and basically leaves everyone feeling empty inside. Which, as frustrating as it can be is, for the most part, the right way to entice readers. After all, the goal of the press release is to get readers excited for the event, not give them the story outright. But today’s news is little more than a sentence and a teaser image:

December, 2011

Find out at 3PM EST tomorrow, at!

What is the deal with the Avengers? Find out at, from this, it’s happening in December, and it’s about the Avengers. Yeah, that’s all we have so far.

I know we should just wait until tomorrow when much more is going to be revealed, but I just don’t work that way. Marvel has already announced, The Fearless, Shattered Heroes, and Smash!, and these are just the upcoming stories that involve the Avengers. What else could Marvel possible have in store for them?

Does this new event, if it even is an event by Marvel’s standards, have anything to do with Fear Itself? From many of their November solicits, readers can infer that something happens to Thor; he seems to be conveniently left out of the teasers for the storylines that I mentioned above. Does “December” (as I will be calling it until it’s given a name on Tuesday, if it’s given a name at all) tie in to what happens to Thor? Or does it affect someone else on the team? When I first saw the sniper scope around the “A”, I immediately thought of Hawkeye. Could December center around him? Does someone die? If so, who?

Looking closer at the logo, though, the sniper scope makes a pretty recognizable “X”. Is December some sort of match between the Avengers and the X-Men? Regenesis is kicking off hardcore in November. Do tensions come to such a boiling point that the Avengers need to come in and tone things down?

At this point, I really don’t have any other choice but to tune in to tomorrow and find out the answer. And we can be guaranteed that, even with tomorrow’s news, Marvel is going to leave us scratching our heads.