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Marvel Teases DESTROY Starring Their Heaviest Hitters

Michael Wirth 08/23/2011 Reviews

Marvel rolled out a new teaser image, this one as frightening as is is awesome. DESTROY, features some of the heaviest-hitters in the Marvel Universe, including She-Hulk, the Thing, and the X-Men’s Beast. While completely silent on what the story behind DESTROY could possibly be, Marvel will be releasing more information concerning the event this Saturday at Fan Expo Canada during the Pint o’CB panel.

Marvel's newest event, DESTROY, stars many of their heaviest-hitters.One interesting thing to note about DESTROY is the Twitter hashtag Marvel created for the story. The tag, #FVL, doesn’t really relate much to the story itself, like the #Regenesis and #SpiderIsland tags we’ve seen so far. However, FVL happens to be the initials of Marvel exclusive writer, Fred Van Lente, writer of Incredible Hercules and X-Men Noir for Marvel, as well as co-authoring Cowboys & Aliens with Andrew Foley. While neither nor Van Lente’s website mention anything about the author’s involvement in DESTROY, choosing a hastag like that would be awfully coincidental.

Keeping true to Marvel’s brilliant use of social media, they have included links to allow fans who won’t be able to make it to the Expo to follow the news of their favorite stories. You can download the Marvel Events App to your iPhone or iPad or you can follow along online at In addition to the newest news concerning DESTROY, you can get coverage from the floor of the show, up-to-the-minute panel and booth updates, and exclusive video content. Best of all, coverage from the App or website is free.

The Pint o’CB panel will be held Saturday at 5:30 PM in room 714.

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