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Marvel Sneaky Preview: Iron Patriot #1

David Hinspeter 03/09/2014 News

Iron_Patriot_1_Preview_2What goes on behind the iron mask of the Iron Patriot? In March, allow Ales Kot and Garry Brown to answer this question and more in Iron Patriot #1. Without the Secret Avengers, James Rhodes won’t be slacking as he flies solo in the Iron Patriot armor! Taking the controls of the once traitorous Norman Osborn’s former armor, War Machine aims to bring the colors of the patriot back to the people.


The new series focuses on the cost of multiple loyalties and where a hero’s priorities lie.

“James Rhodes has a family. James Rhodes has friends. James Rhodes has a suit and responsibility and dreams and hopes, and he just realized he needs a new plan;” says writer Ales Kot, in an interview with Marvel.com. “Something that will be more in touch with who he is and what he wants.”

From deep within the Patriot’s beloved country, a prevalent conspiracy spawns new villains and there is only one man, one patriot who stands in their way. On the 26th of March, search the skies for the red, white, and blue as Iron Patriot #1 lands in a comic shop near you!

Looking forward to Iron Patriot #1?

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