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Marvel NOW! Gets A Little Uncanny.

Kelly Cassidy 11/02/2012 News, Reviews

Marvel had a Friday update to share with everyone, and it’s a doozy. And it can be summed up within a single word: “Uncanny”. It can also be followed up by 2 other words: “Bendis. Bachalo.” Excited yet?

The Future of Marvel NOW! Is Uncanny.

Brian Michael Bendis

Chris Bachalo.

February 2013

Marvel NOW! - Uncanny Teaser

That was the official notice released from Marvel today. And that was it. Enough to tease you, but enough to stop and make you think as well…

Bendis is writing New X-Men, the title that brings the original X-Men forward from the past into the modern day. Now we find a title teased as “Uncanny”, which gives overtones back to the classic title of Marvel’s Merry Mutants, Uncanny X-Men. Could it be that Marvel has given the X-reigns to Bendis, much as they had the Avengers franchise for the last number of years? Probably, as Bendis being only officially assigned to 2 Marvel titles before this month (Ultimate Spider-ManNew X-Men) just didn’t sit right. It wasn’t enough based on what he’s produced in the past. Earlier this month, at the New York Comic Con, it was announced that Bendis would also helm a new Guardians of the Galaxy series (which served as no surprise, thanks to both the inclusion of that team in Bendis’ recent Avengers Assemble run as well as the Star Lord story within Marvel NOW! Point One), but now he’s up to what he’s had for some time – 4 titles per month.

Bringing Chris Bachalo back to the X-Men is also a nice touch. He was one of the best artists during the launch of Generation X as his art-style is not just a duplicate of anyone else – it’s vastly different. His work on that title, and even a run on the original Uncanny X-Men and then on to Wolverine & The X-Men showcased that he can handle different levels of characters – from the young to the classic. This pairing has me kind of excited.

But now the real question…

If this is a new Uncanny X-Men (which is surprisingly absent from the Marvel launch schedule at this time), who will be part of the team? We’ll all have our suspicions, but I am leaning towards Scott “Cyclops” Summers returning. Why? Look at the teaser. The light behind “Uncanny”… That looks like Cyclops’ visor opened slightly and the red optic rays sneaking out. But now several questions: Which Cyclops? (This looks like it would be launching after the first potential arc for New X-Men so perhaps it’s classic Cyclops, not imprisoned Cyclops…) But as for who else… We can probably exclude those we know of in other teams:

  • Havok, Rogue, Wolverine (all in Uncanny Avengers)
  • Madrox, Layla, Shatterstar, Rictor (all currently in X-Factor)
  • Cannonball (joining Avengers)
  • Psylocke, Storm (part of Uncanny X-Force)
  • Cable, Domino, Colossus, Forge (on the run in Cable and the X-Force)
  • Phoenix, Shadowcat, Iceman (teaching the students in Wolverine & The X-Men)

For sure, there are still a lot of mutants left out there. Is it the rest of the New Mutants team? Is it some of the other mutants that have been imprisoned with Cyke in prison, as seen in AvX: Consequences? Or can we expect some major surprises to show up?

Right now, everything is speculation apart from the fact that we can expect Bendis and Bachalo to be nothing less than Uncanny…

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    Uncanny huh? Fans excited about this?

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