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Marvel NOW! Begins its Next Wave with some Invaders

Kelly Cassidy 09/09/2013 News

We already had the heads up that Marvel would be launching a new Inhuman series that would follow its current event, “Infinity”. This put the concept of the Inhumans once again becoming front and center in the Marvel Universe, something that has not been seen for the Kree-manipulated family since the days of the “Realm of Kings” and “War of Kings” cosmic storylines. But it was known that Inhuman was just one of the things that Marvel has in queue, and another was announced today…

This December, Captain America teams up with his old allies to stop the Kree from obtaining a device able to control the Gods – perhaps something we saw recently in the pages of Thor? At any rate, Cap pairs up with his old team from World War II – the original Human Torch, the Sub-Mariner, and Buck Barnes/Winter Soldier – to take on this menace in the pages of All-New InvadersAll-New Invaders, according to USA Today. To have this team come back is something exciting, especially as other members of the Invaders team are still alive (as far as I know), such as Spitfire and a new incarnation of Union Jack.

The Invaders is a team that fights with a war-like mentality, as they had to being born out of World War II. We’ve seen this team continue to surround themselves with life-or-death situations time after time, even if it’s at the hands of one another! From the Sub-Mariner’s continual love/hate relationship with the surface world to the Human Torch’s attacks against humanity; from Winter Soldier’s history as a weapon for the Soviets to Captain America’s recent challenges in his own book which have taken its toll… This is the team that together survived one of the largest challenges in Earth’s history and even though they were at adds with one another at times they stodd for the greater good.

All-New Invaders is being brought to us by writer James Robinson (Starman, Earth 2), with this being the second announcement for Robinson at Marvel following his Spider-Man story with Mark Waid. This is the first continuing title for Robinson since he left DC and his Earth 2 gig, but it will definitely be interesting to see what hurdles he has for this classic Marvel team. The art is slated to Steve Pugh (Animal Man, Generation X) who will deliver a nice touch to this series. His is a unique style of art and I think that this will bring a nice touch to these characters and give them a wonderfully vivid visual presence.

I am hopeful for this series! The last time we saw an Invaders series hit the stands at Marvel, I wasn’t too impressed. I think that was because the characters within the story just didn’t resonate for me – it wasn’t the Invaders of old, it was the replacements literally replacing without that classic touch. This new/old team showcases the true heart of the Invaders and what they are about. Apart from the Gods, these are the oldest friends/enemies/frenemies within the Marvel Universe. The conflict of the characters with one another due to their previous actions will be an interesting read and I am confident that Robinson will pull a rabbit out of his hat to make this one of the most interesting stories in the next wave of Marvel NOW! titles, or even within the current range of Marvel titles out today!

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  1. jeffhillwriter 09/09/2013 at 1:41 pm

    Excited for the scripting, not so much for the art. I'll give it a shot, but I'm not expecting much.

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