At noon Marvel announced Fear Itself. The prologue is set to launch March 2011, this one is massive folks.
Marvel staff and fans packed into Midtown Comics, the room went eerily silent, and Joe Quesada dropped the Fear Itself bomb.
The event was streamed live on Marvel’s site, with a great commenting feature and questions tweeted in by the fans.
Do You Fear
Some epic shots of the project were shown, then Joe shared the vision, the driving force behind this storyline. He brought up the tough times we all face. TV, radio, internet, everywhere you turn someone is talking about being afraid, who’s responsible and why we should be afraid of them. Fear.
With that said, we have Fear Itself, April 2011, with Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen.

They went on to discuss how Marvel comics have always used the real world as a canvas for it’s creations. In Fear Itself,  despair is so prevalent. Will the heroes stand up and fight? Or turn their back on those they protected all these year? Will  the line between hero and villain become skewed? How are the heroes chosen to be worthy? And the major secret they’re talking about?
Many hints were dropped saying that there are events that have already happened that tie into the Fear Itself storyline. Time to go back and reread some books, I think.
Matt Fraction comes on, to share a bit of what we can expect come April.

There was more talk on the size and scope of the project. We’re talking Secret Invasion, ambitious as Civil War, a true masterpiece.
Fear Itself is set for 7 issues. The March prologue, features Captain America, Namor and The Invaders and sets the stage
for the upcoming run.
There is a mysterious character and secret that will change everything. It will unleash something unspeakable, that will reign down destruction on the world.
X-Men, Dracula, interesting developments, alliances, heroes and villains paired, plenty of sercrets revealed. They’ve been setting up dominoes for months now building up to this.
One fan was told that Marvel characters have always battled the darkness around us. The threats they’ve faced have never been a game of Tiddly Winks. This is a major challenge our characters will face. It’s not a movement back to darkness and death, though there will certainly be some of that.
Also note, Matt Fraction will continue on Thor and Iron Man, Kieron Gillen is helping him out on Uncanny X-Men. Stuart is coming off New Avengers to do Fear Itself.
Fear Itself Comic BookedThere you have it True Believers and Comic Booked Fans! Thanks for stopping by, stay tuned, it’s going to be a wild ride. What do you Fear?