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Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man #200

Errick "Mr. Enigma" Perry 03/16/2014 News

Original Ultimate Spider-Man creator and still current/only series writer Brian Michael Bendis? Got him. Artists such as Sara Pichelli who made history as the co-creator of the first African/Hispanic Spider-Man, Miles Morales? Got her too. Spidey? Duh, of course. Peter Freaking Parker? Check!…well, maybe. He’s in the picture, sooooooo yea! Get pumped because Marvel is bringing ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #200 to you loyal fans. This “monumental anniversary issue” will feature an intense storyline delivered by the living legend Brian Michael Bendis as he “teams with Ultimate Spider-Man artists past and present for a celebration of all things Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and more!” The artists joining Bendis are the aforementioned Sara Pichelli as well as Dave Marquez, Mark Bagley, Mark Brooks, and David Lafuente.

Marvel had provided an intriguing synopsis for the upcoming ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #200:

On the anniversary of his death, the whole world mourns the loss of Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man. At the home of May Parker, a more intimate gathering of Peter’s closest friends grieve for the loss of their dear friend. But even as they remember their fallen friend, a sinister plan has been set in motion. And the shocking truths about Peter and his world are about to be revealed.

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Sorry, I got carried away. Anywho…Word. I wonder what this sinister plan is? How are the Ultimate characters in Spider-Man’s neighborhood handling the aftermath of Galactus’s invasion during the “Cataclysm” storyline? Is that Peter in the center of that Ultimate Avengers picture wearing a suit reminiscent of the Iron Spider costume while Miles swings in the background?! Why does Uncle Ben look so much like Richard Gere?!?! Richard Gere hasn’t been relevant in years!!

I’m just excited to witness “the shocking ending that will have everyone talking!” Whatever transpires here will set the course for Miles as he continues to bear the Web-Head mantle in the upcoming Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man series. Yo, why are still sitting here reading this nerdgasm news piece? Go and camp outside your local comic book shop to make sure you get your copy of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #200!


Are you amped up for this anniversary issue? Sound off and leave us a comment below telling us why or why not. And I’ll see you next week for more unnecessary geeking out.

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