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Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Survive #1

Cal Cleary 03/13/2014 News

Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Survive #1

After the events of Cataclysm, Marvel’s Ultimate Universe soldiers on.  The ‘second son’ status of the Ultimate Universe tends to mean that their events are bloodier and their ‘game-changing events’ actually, you know, change the game.  There were some big changes in Cataclysm, including the death of a major character, and Survive is intended to give readers a sense of closure, to allow people to begin building things back up after such widespread destruction.  Set primarily at a funeral for a fallen hero, Survive follows in the tradition of Ultimate Comics Fallout following the death of Peter Parker and Ultimate Requiem following Ultimatum.

The issue focuses on a number of different characters, but there are a small handful of characters in particular readers should watch – three characters Bendis says are at the beginnings of major changes in their personal lives.  They are Kitty Pryde, Miles Morales, and Jessica Drew, all longtime favorites of Survive writer Brian Michael Bendis.  Bendis has become in many ways the guiding hand behind much of the Ultimate Universe after his breakout Ultimate Spider-Man defined the universe for over a decade to come, so it makes sense that he would be the one to shepherd the titles into their newest incarnation.

“You’ve got all these characters [that] have been through hell together and now they’re coming out the other side and they’re kind of committed to each other, now that Captain America’s gone and some other characters aren’t making it back,” says writer Brian Michael Bendis in an interview on the Marvel site.

A lot of these characters are very young, and with that comes a lot of emotion, a lot of drama, a lot of people making some disastrous mistakes both in their professional and in their personal lives; and all of that will be on display right away.

Check out the official solicit below, and then keep reading for some spectacular preview images.

SURVIVE #1 (JAN140748)
On-Sale – 03/26/14

Preview: Survive Preview: Survive Preview: Survive Preview: Survive

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