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Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Secret Avengers #1

David Hinspeter 02/24/2014 News

Secret_Avengers_1_Deodato_VariantMarvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Secret Avengers #1

From the ashes of Siege, the former Captain America created the covert ops team Secret Avengers! For a time they saved the world from the shadows, never shying from getting their hands dirty, until finally the mission was accomplished. Steven Rogers once decided that the world needed a less public branch of its mightiest heroes.

In March, the team secretly assembles once again under the acclaimed creative team of Ales Kot and Michael Walsh.

This time around, the earth is in danger, but from how many sources? Threats from the ground, the air, and even from space leave the world in need of the best covert team in the world to save it. We saw the old team deal with each of these before, but never all at the same time! Unfortunately, the Secret Avengers are left holding the bag. Returning avenger Black widow teams up with an all-new roster including Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, Hawkeye, Maria Hill, Spiderwoman and M.O.D.O.K.?



Off-balance and on the defensive, can the Secret Avengers get past their differences and find their stride?

“A possible strength – and also a possible weak spot – lies in the group’s capacity to work together,” says writer Ales Kot in an interview with “Unless they learn how to do that, they will be picked off one by one. Because something is coming for them. And not just from one direction.”

It even looks like A.I.M. is going to be stopping in again to oppose our ragtag team of covert operatives.


A team of unlikely allies, espionage on the scale of earth’s mightiest heroes, and with enemies on all sides, Secret Avengers #1 should make your March a month to remember!

Check out for an exclusive interview with Ales Kot for all your Secret Avengers needs.










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