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Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Nightcrawler #1

David Hinspeter 03/17/2014 News


One of the most iconic and prolific X-Men has found his own place in Marvel NOW. With Chris Claremont writing and Todd Nauck doing the art, our favorite blue swashbuckler is back and ready to fight the good fight.

“He’s smart, tough, creative and daring, with an instinctive understanding of people and situations. He has a wicked sense of humor and a devastating charm,” says Claremont, in an interview with “His ‘normal’ is revolutionary to most people; throw him a problem, he’ll find a way to solve it that’s unique to him. He quite simply is the kind of man others trust; to know him is to have faith in him.”

With that same altruistic attitude and indomitable optimism, Nightcrawler is on a journey to protect the new mutantkind in the face of personal adversity. With so many new obstacles and stigmas affecting his former team mates and friends, including the death of Professor Xavier and the now fugitive Cyclops, Kurt certainly has an uphill struggle in front of him. The glimmer of hope still exists as his best friend is now the headmaster of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Not every change is bad, and our blue skinned “Vagner” is here to make the most of his second chance!

So be sure to BAMF your way into your local comic shop this April for Nightcrawler #1!



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