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Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: All-New Ultimates #1

Cal Cleary 03/25/2014 News

Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: All-New Ultimates #1

It makes a lot of sense that, in the light of Cataclysm, Marvel would be relaunching its Ultimate Universe in a big way.  Fittingly, these relaunches seem to be building off the back of the line’s most popular title and biggest booster in Brian Michael Bendis and Ultimate Spider-Man.  Recently, we brought you a Sneaky Preview for Survive #1, a one-shot intended to set up new arcs for major Ultimate Universe characters – all characters popularized by Bendis.  The upcoming All-New Ultimates seems to follow in the same pattern, pulling characters primarily from Bendis’ now-legendary run on Ultimate Spider-Man to create a genuinely fresh lineup of young heroes to lead the Ultimates in a new direction.

When Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch first created genuine smash-hit The Ultimates, a big part of the selling point of the book was their offbeat, unpredictable takes on heroes who had become predictably defined by decades of continuity and baggage in the main Marvel books.  But as Marvel has seen a creator-driven revolution in their main universe, the Ultimates became weighed down by all the baggage and expectations that they were created to defy.   These new Ultimates definitely bring some unpredictability back to the team.  Dominated by young heroes, many of these people have either never worked together or done so only sporadically.  They have history together, not all of it good,  but all of it palpable.

“It’s a war zone in the streets of New York, Hell’s Kitchen in particular,” says Michel Fiffe, in an interview with “Certain neighborhoods have been torn apart by the recent galactic cataclysm and crime is exponentially growing; local super-powered gangs rule the environment. That’s where Miles and the gang come in, to act with a grittier, more immediate problem while trying to find their own footing as super heroes.”

Read on for a full solicit and for some gorgeous preview images, then check out All-New Ultimates #1 this April.

This April, witness the birth of a super-team unlike any you’ve seen before in ALL-NEW ULTIMATES #1 – the brand new series from critically acclaimed creator Michel Fiffe and rising star Amilcar Pinna!

As the world attempts to rebuild following untold destruction, we need heroes more than ever. Witness the birth of a new team of Ultimates – as Spider-Man, Black Widow, Kitty Pryde, Bombshell and Cloak & Dagger officially unite to tackle a vicious, rampant crime wave plaguing the streets of New York City!

But Hell’s Kitchen isn’t the new Ultimates’ only problem. Diamondback and her gang of Serpent Skulls run the city’s drug & weapons trade and deal in citywide terror. NYPD detective Brigid O’Reilly and her anti-gang unit are on the hunt for Scourge, a new serial killer who’s exterminating anyone in a mask. They’ll get close, but not without a few casualties! And that’s just the first issue!

All-New UltimatesAll-New UltimatesAll-New Ultimates

All-New Ultimates

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