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Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: All-New Doop #1

Cal Cleary 03/19/2014 News

Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: All-New Doop #1

Thirteen years ago, Peter Milligan and Mike Allred collaborated to redefine X-Force, a failing X-book at the time.  The book, one of roughly a million ‘gritty superpowered government agents’ books running at the time, was slowly sinking in sales and was largely critically derided.  When Milligan and Allred took over, it almost immediately became a candy-colored satire of superheroes and celebrity culture that pissed off a lot of fans but quickly became a cult sensation, drawing mainstream media attention and controversy.  And it only got weirder as it progressed.

Case in point: One of the breakout stars of X-Statix was Doop, a puke-green jelly-bean-shaped creature who spoke in a language all the characters understood but readers couldn’t, and who may or may not have been among the world’s most powerful, influential beings.  There’s something about the absurdity of Doop that writers just love, culminating in his wonderfully bizarre bisexual noir-themed romance in I <3 Marvel: My Mutant Heart #1, and I’m fascinated to see how Milligan and Lafuente deal with such a profoundly odd character as the lead of a five-issue miniseries.  Typically, our protagonists have been people we could understand and relate to on a fairly fundamental level, but you know, I’m willing to let that slide if Milligan and artist David Lafuente can recapture the anarchic spirit that first hurtled Milligan (and Doop) to the forefront of Marvel.  Are you?

Read on for the full solicit, and then a few gorgeous preview pages from Lafuente, then check out All-New Doop #1 when it hits on April 9th!

Who is Doop? Actually…what is Doop? Living in the margins of the X-Men, Doop’s origins have always remained shrouded in mystery as he hovered around with his video camera – freaking out readers and fellow X-Men alike. But his time has finally come! Where did Doop come from? What is he? All your questions will be answered! And this adventure will prove once and for all that Doop is, in fact, the most powerful X-Man! From the pages of the blockbuster X-Men crossover Battle of the Atom comes the story you didn’t see! Did you know Doop was an integral part of stopping the evil X-Men from the future? Don’t believe us? You will!

Don’t miss a new story starring one of the X-Men’s strangest that will have you on the edge of your seat. This April, the Doop shall inherit the Earth in ALL-NEW DOOP #1!

ALL-NEW DOOP #1 (FEB140700)
Variant Cover by ADI GRANOV (FEB140701)
On-Sale – 04/09/14

All-New Doop #1 Preview 1 All-New Doop #1 Preview 2 All-New Doop #1 Preview 3

All-New Doop #1 Variant Cover

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