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Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Iron Fist the Living Weapon #1

David Hinspeter 03/13/2014 News

This April, let comic superstar Kaare Andrews take you back to K’un Lun in Iron Fist: the Living Weapon #1!

Iron Fist

Danny Rand, the last and most recent of the Iron Fists, spends his life in his lavish high-rise penthouse. A life full of strife has taken its toll and Danny finds himself haunted by his regrets. Sometimes the past, especially a violent one, is hard to reconcile. When K’un Lun once more beckons, Danny is forced stare that past, blood soaked, vengeful, and full of betrayal, straight in the face.

Iron Fist

“Danny is going to be put through the wringer like never before,” says Kaare Andrews in an interview with “I love to punish my characters. To make them bleed. Watch them struggle against impossible odds, and see if they can find the strength inside themselves to survive—the truth that will be the biggest hurdle of them all. He’s been hiding from it for too long. He doesn’t have to uncover it, so much as survive it. The truth will be coming for him like a freight train. And there will be a reckoning.”

By all accounts, Kaare is really pushing his limits as both a writer and an artist. Compelling, visual, and even a bit personal, it is clear that Kaare is aiming to put the art back into this amazing martial artist.


Journey with the fist of K’un Lun through mystical lands and violent history in April with Iron Fist: the Living Weapon!

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