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Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Ghost Rider #1

David Hinspeter 03/05/2014 News

All_New_Ghost_Rider_Preview_2On the mean streets of East Los Angeles, drug pushers and gangs have a tendency to raise some hell. None of them do quite like the Spirit of Vengeance in Ghost Rider #1!

Featuring the all new Rider, Robbie Reyes, it is time for a newer, more heroic outlook from vengeance dealing vigilante. Another new direction, courtesy of the Marvel NOW! initiative, Tradd Moore and Felipe Smith aim to bring a less worldly view to the eyes behind the Penance Stare. During a high intensity street race, the inexperienced 18-year old finds his fate wrapped up with revenge.

 In Robbie Reyes, Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore have created one of the most complex and likable characters to be granted  great power — and a great ride! — and learn the great responsibility that comes with both,” says Editor In Chief Axel Alonso. Reyes comes from a very different zip code than Peter Parker, but his story is universal.


Another step away from the traditional rider, Reyes prefers four wheels to two. Charger ablaze and leaving brimstone skid marks, our young hero hunts corruption through his home neighborhood in East Los Angeles. Combined with his youth, wariness of others, and street smarts, Robbie is well positioned to bring the worst criminals their share of hellfire.

With a crime war spilling into the streets, our new rider will have to bring his new ability to make ANY vehicle a ride worthy of any tried and true speed DEMON. The wicked terrorizing the streets won’t know what hits them when Ghost Rider burns up the streets.

All-New_Ghost_Rider_Preview_3Where does Robbie find the fire? Is it Zarathos who has hands on the wheel? Find out this March when the all new Spirit of Vengeance brings the burn to your local comic shop in the pulse pounding Ghost Rider #1!


Looking forward to this new Ghost Rider?

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