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Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #1

David Hinspeter 04/25/2014 News


Are you interested in murder, mystery and martial arts? If you are, join Shang Chi in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, an all-new limited series coming out in May. With growing popularity, including being recruited into the Avengers and being the main star of this month’s Avengers World, Shang-Chi is striking out on his own.

Mike Benson shared these titillating details with Newsarama:

This new run of Deadly Hands of Kung Fu is going to pay homage to the Martial Arts fantasy of old 70’s heroes like David Carradine and Bruce Lee, with a modern spy thriller flavor, such as the Bourne series, added into the mix. In the same interview, Tan Eng Huat offers one of the draws of the series:


“It’s always appealing to see ordinary people overcoming obstacles greater than normal.”

Mike Benson and Tan Eng Huat bring to life a story about a heartless murder of an MI-6 agent. An MI-6 agent closely tied to Shang-Chi’s history and his heart!  The man with the strongest Kung Fu travels to England, and steps into a new world full of intriguing cloak and dagger espionage. With only his wits and a few roundhouse kicks, Shang-Chi must wade into the high–octane world of global espionage. Paying his respects and seeking answers, our martial arts master must watch his step, or be the next victim! Unknown enemies threaten from the shadows and old allies step into the light in every plot twist and mysterious development. Amidst the storm, Shang-Chi stands alone against an enemy with no face, pressing forward in Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #1 from Marvel Now!


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