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Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Captain Marvel #1

Travis McIntire 02/24/2014 News

Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Captain Marvel #1

I have an extremely soft spot for the “Marvel-In-Space” books. It probably dates back to buying Infinity Gauntlet as a kid when the usual winner of my meager comic expenditure was the book sporting the most characters stuffed into its pages.  After that, I always kinda liked the Marvel sci-fi stuff.  And it’s mostly paid off.  Infinity  wasn’t terrible, though I liked that story better when it was called AnnihilationGuardians of the Galaxy I adore.  I even harbor a super-secret fantasy of someday crafting an epic arc on Nova.  Carol Danvers, a’la Captain Marvel #1, on the other hand, has never been my thing. 

See, the whole Kree sleeper-agent Captain Marvel, I’m on board.   I kinda wanna see Ronan the Accuser smash him with a hammer.   Carol Danvers, military-spy-shield-agent-what-not has always been less interesting to me.  Then I heard more about what writer, Kelly Sue Deconnick had to say about the new Captain Marvel and sending her off planet Earth:

“Everything about Carol wants to go UP. Chin up, head up, heart up, up, up, UP. And I thought, ‘What if we let her go?’”

Carol Danvers in SPACE!?!?  So…maybe Ronan will smash her with a hammer?  I take it back!  I’m in!  I looked for some juicy space-quotes to get me more interested.

“In many ways, Captain Marvel’s adventures have been building to this moment.” adds Editor Sana Amanat. “Carol has always pushed herself to the limits in all aspects of her life, so setting off into that grand cosmic highway is simply a matter of destiny. And one replete with high-octane space chases, monstrous battles and intergalactic mystery!”

Danvers is gonna have new friends (space friends?), a new home (spaceship of some kind?), and a new love interest (Ronan!?!?!?)!  I like the sound of this.  And with artist David Lopez?  Now I’m really looking forward to March 12 and the release of Captain Marvel #1!

Captain_Marvel_1_Preview_3 Captain_Marvel_1_Preview_4 Captain_Marvel_1_Yu_Variant Captain_Marvel_1_Preview_1 Captain_Marvel_1_Preview_2

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