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Marvel Comics Review: All New X-Factor #6 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 04/13/2014 Reviews

All New X-Factor #6

David, Di Giandomenico, Loughridge


I will most certainly by SPOILING!


At the end of last issue, the team found that their new destination if they wanted any kind of answer about Magus and Warlock was to go meet Cypher. X-Factor #6 opens on the troubling dreams and nightmare-ridden sleep of Warlock’s best friend. The most troubling of part of this opening is the suicidal discussion hat Cypher is having with himself before X-Factor shows up at his door.

Taking a step away from the team, we are offered a glimpse of the growing drama between the owner of Serval, Mr. Snow, and his secretary, whom we remember are having an affair. The complexity of the affair grows with the return of Mr. Snow’s wife and the callous treatment of his secretary.

The scene on Cypher’s porch features a bit of catching up to speed, until Danger looks into Cypher and discovers that there is a piece of Warlock, a physical piece, just above his heart. In typical Danger fashion, with no preamble or permission, she removes it as a favor that looks an awful lot like assault. With this piece, Cypher can “read the data flow” and finds out where Cypher is, Houston, Texas. On a word from Polaris, they set off to confront him.


X-Factor shows up at a ranch home on some farmland, and it feels an awful lot like a set up, a false face for a research facility of Techno Incorporated. After a brief, emphasis on brief, inspection by quicksilver, something colossal begins to rise out of the ground. Having ripped out of the turf before them, the Techno Inc. facility looms ominous and impregnable. X-factor acknowledges how difficult it will be to assault, and before Polaris can make a go at it, Magus reveals himself. To the surprise, and perhaps chagrin, of the reader, the team is invited inside.


Back to Serval and it’s CEO’s estrogen juggling act, the awkward situation we have left his secretary in has taken a turn for the worse. Angela Snow doesn’t seem to believe in subtlety. Apart from a small lead in question, the bush is not beaten around, and she asks Snow’s secretary dead on:

“…How long have you been sleeping with him?”

Though Linda denies it whole heartedly and staunchly, Harrison Snow’s wife levels a threat before her husband returns to the room, and the couple leaves for their hastily made lunch reservations.

The final segment of the issue focuses on the Magus and Techno Inc. The fact is, it all but legit because according to the Magus, almost all of their race is dead. In an attempt at survival, Magus and Warlock have called a truce and have been striving to make a place for their people. After Cypher’s return, Warlock tells his father that he is leaving the company. Here is another moment interaction that could have become a saving grace for the comic, but instead becomes another disappointment. The end of the comic brings with it an offer for Cypher to join the team.

This issue was actually a bit more boring than the previous one. The pages of All New X-Factor read more like a boring episode of Madmen with the occasional super powered character. With no excitement, no payoff for the small amount of suspense, and no real reason for the team to exist as far as I can tell, this is a comic that may soon be hitting the wayside for this intrepid reader.

My rating: 1.5 / 5

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