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Marvel Comics Review: Moon Knight #3 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 05/13/2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Moon Knight #3

Ellis, Shalvey, Bellaire


I will most certainly be SPOILING!


Well, Ellis has remained true to his word when he said he was going to be playing the weird crime angle.  This month, winter in New York, we have a small gang of translucent green punks randomly attacking and murdering people on the streets.  Marc, in his Mr Knight get up and driverless limo, pulls up during their latest attack, the first he has been part of.  Mr. Knight gets out of his car, begins trying to talk the punk down, decides it is useless and throws a haymaker.


Shocker, the translucent green punks are ghosts.  The blow passes right through.  Marc, clearly shocked, doesn’t move fast enough to avoid his own right hook, driving his head into the pristine hood of his very expansive car.  He tries to stand, reeling from the blow, when another of the ghosts whips him with an equally ghostly chain.  Mr. Knight takes a beating from beyond the grave, the four ghosts holding nothing back.  As is the usual for Moon Knight, he survives the beating far less broken than he should be.

He returns to his home, which still comes across as a giant mausoleum, to have his first conversation with his god.  Khonshu still sits across the room from Marc, pointing out that the gang was all ghosts, and that Moon Knight should have the proper equipment to deal with them.  Marc opens up his old room of Egyptian artifacts and begins carousing for a less lively set of vestments.

Later, a familiar crescent shaped form is sailing down the streets of midnight New York.  Familiar, that is, until he lands amongst the ghosts once more.  Moon Knight’s third new outfit takes him far closer to being a priest to Khonshu than ever before.  His new uniform is made of bone and old armor, complete with a mask that mimics Khonshu’s own skeletal, avian face.  The first punch is granted it’s own full page homage to green saturated gore.


The ensuing fight is actually as one sided as you would expect, with Moon Knight fighting an untrained, and now vulnerable, street gang.  Gaining in confidence, Moon Knight draws bone knuckles and goes to town, beating the spirits, literally, into pieces.  The ghostly gang flees, pulling their bodies together, and the priest of Khonshu pursues them from below his metal glider.

Marc finds a grisly scene, with five bodies, each with a shot to the head.  The spirits are coming from a music box, sitting before the only corpse with a gun.  Johnny, the body with the box, had apparently grown a conscience and killed the rest of his gang.  The spirits of his former gang are trapped inside of it.  Moon Knight drops the box in the Hudson.

So, I have no idea if Ellis has an end game here.  I thought that perhaps there would be a military angle, but this issue had no military ties.  Moon Knight appears to be gaining more costumes, almost as fast as Marc Spector used to collect personalities.  His Mr. Knight alter ego, the Moon knight suit, and now his mystical hunter-of-the-dead outfit seem to be turning him into a a new kind of Batman.  One that combats every threat, Magic or otherwise, and has the tools already at his disposal.  For what it is worth, I love the new suit and I hope he has opportunity to fight the dead in future issues.  What other outfits will he end up in?  In Ellis we trust.

My rating 5 / 5

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