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Marvel Comics Review: Daredevil #3 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 05/31/2014 Reviews

Daredevil #3

Waid, Samnee, Rodriguez


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

In Daredevil #2, I was left with the impression that Owlsley was not the actual threat, possibly wasn’t even in San Francisco, but the Shroud was using the name as some form of cover. Boy, was I wrong! Apparently the Owl is very efficiently taking over organized crime in the west, partially through controlling information.

daredevil 3-1

Daredevil had been lead to water, and then Shroud attempted to drown him in it. Turns out, the shadowy vigilante is making a play to get into the Owl’s compound, to learn about him, perhaps even take a shot at taking him out. To defeat Daredevil would’ve been enough to get him an audience with the Owl. Together they hatch a plan.

Back in the world of the un-super, Daredevil’s leading ladies are having a discussion, and a veteran stranger rolls in saying he has an appointment. The Deputy Mayor leaves and the stranger is revealed to be Foggy. Finally, we get some transparency on the Foggy matter, and it turns out he is in hiding, still suffering from cancer, and only Matt, Foggy, and Kristen know that he is alive. Before Ms. McDuffie can rip Foggy a new one, the phone rings.

daredevil 3-2

Matt actually changes out of his reds for this mission. He brazenly shows up to the Owls domicile, a veritable fortress, in a suit and holding a subpoena. This move is ingenius, as the bodyguards march him deeper and deeper into the compound, they turn off each counter measure to let him pass. By the time he is standing in front of the new crime lord of San Francisco, Matt feel sufficiently confident to show the Owl his subpoena…a take out menu. The counter measures being turned off left enough of weak point in the security for the Shroud to find his way to the Owl as well.

The uneasy power move quickly turns into a stand-off, with all the goons with guns aiming at Matt, and Shroud with a knife to the Owl’s throat. Here is where the Owl’s attention to detail, and his focus on information, makes him a threat. With the knife pressed firmly to his throat, he brings up Julia, a woman from Shroud’s past that was taken from him during the registration act drama following Civil War. Some gallows bargaining, and the seeds of doubt take hold.  Shroud turns to Daredevil and asks, “is he lying?”

Matt knows, and as the crusader of truth that he is, answers “No, but…”

Before he can speak up, the blade is gone and the Owl presses a button on the arm of his throne. The image of Matt falling into an old-school fire pit leaves us with little hope and a knot in the stomach.

I am a little disappointed that Shroud isn’t the crime boss, which was my impression from last issue. The team up was interesting, but the darker half is just a little too angsty for my blood. I am all for the recreation of the Owl as someone more sinister and capable as he has been in the past, but I just don’t see how all of these elements are coming together. I’m no Mark Waid. Maybe I’m just blind as a Matt.

My rating 3.4 \ 5

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