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Marvel Comics Review: Amazing X-Men #6 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 04/21/2014 Reviews

Amazing X-Men #6

Aaron, Stewart, Rosenberg


I will most certainly be SPOILING!


The opening speech of Amazing X-Men #6 is artistically poignant, not necessarily because of it’s heartfelt words, but as a method of ascent from the dark, bleak ending of the previous issue. In direct opposition to that mood, the opening of this issue is a welcome home party for our favorite blue skinned teleporter, Nightcrawler. While he is the guest of honor, our Nightcrawler is no where to be found.





Kurt is a few blocks away, keeping tabs on the SHIELD truck that is transporting his father, Azazel, who was recently bound to Earth. A dichotomous inner monologue about the family you are born into as opposed to the family you choose accompanies Kurt on his Bamf back to the bar. Leaving some of Azazel’s bamfs free to spring him. The next few pages are full of camaraderie, with a brief pause as the rogue Cyclops and some of his allies show up to celebrate as well. Thanks to Mr. Wagner, all are accepted and the party continues.


While everyone is enjoying this reason to celebrate, Kurt notices the be freckled, blonde, blue eyed waitress milling about the mutants. She steps into the “staff only” section only to meet Kurt, post teleport, calling her mother. Mystique returns to her usual form, marveling that Nightcrawler could pick her out.


His mother’s true motive for showing becomes clear as she begins to ask about Azazel. To avoid being interrupted, Kurt Bamfs to the parking lot, and begins to threaten his mother with jail time. Her persistent questioning leads to him slipping up, and revealing where Azazel is headed. Mystique draws a gun fires at Kurt, not to hurt him, but to give herself a head start.

Nightcrawler’s first instinct is to get the myriad of back up back at his party, and then leap ahead to defend the prisoner transport holding his father. He finds it crawling with red bamfs. The distraction of saving one of the drivers buys Azazel time to get free, but before the fight can start in earnest, Mystique joins the fight. The three-way battle is continued atop Wolverine’s stolen motorcycle for as long as you’d expect a battle to last on any vehicle with two wheels. The three end up in Mexican standoff and Kurt makes his move.

When he awakens, the X-men are all there, but his parents are not, they have escaped. The two have vanished to some wooded location to discuss, not the end of Kurt’s father, but a job for him.

Back at the bar, the sun is coming up on Wolverine and his “elf” drinking in the day. The two agree to leave, and stumble out of the bar, with Kurt feeling the effects of what must have been a truly epic night of alcohol.

Like many nights of drinking with your closest friends, the issue ends with the two best friends proclaiming their love for each other, and carrying each other home.

From what I can tell, Amazing X-Men , after bringing Nightcrawler back to life, isn’t done with him and his family. Using an issue to celebrate his return pays homage to character who hasn’t been there from the start, but close enough. I hope now we can look to the future and see how far Mystique and Azazel can get before the X-Men can put a stop to their plans.

My rating: 4 / 5

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