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Marvel Comic Review: All New X-Factor #5 – Spoiled

David Hinspeter 03/30/2014 DO NOT USE, Features

All New X-Factor #5

David, Di Giandomenico, Loughridge


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

x-factor 1

In this month’s X-force we appear to be starting a new storyline. Opening on Gambit lying in bed, his cat pestering him a bit, we are introduced to Danger, a self aware robot who Gambit had shared a kiss with. This kiss had apparently fixed much of the damage she had experienced while under Nil’s control.  When Gambit joins Polaris and Quicksilver, they push the point that perhaps what he and Danger are experiencing is sexual tension, an idea that Gambit apparently abhors.

X-Factor 2

There is a signifigant amount of Lorna in this issue, but not the way you would expect. Polaris isn’t featured in some interesting or empowering way, but others seem to be hyper protective of her. Gambit is sticking around to solve some mystery he thinks is threatening her, Havok has Quicksilver spying on the team, apparently to protect Polaris, and Quicksilver even chimes in, making sure she is ok with their new role as meet-and-greet mutants.

In sharp contrast, no one seems to be in the least bit worried about Danger and the way she is dealing the changes she has recently come into. This, of course, might have something to do with the secrets the team is keeping from one another. Danger notices that Quicksilver has been running and deduces he is lying about where he has been.  He quickly (shocking!) tells her that she must be mistaken and walks away. Shortly after that, Danger is left in an elevator with Serval’s secretary. She detects DNA from Serval that suggests intimacy, which the cheating secretary denies whole-heartedly. With a few sharp words, Danger makes known her growing frustration at being called wrong.

The team makes an appearance at the business meeting between Smaug and Serval, where both men are trying to buy out the others company. Once Danger enters the room, the mood changes considerably. Once again scanning where she isn’t wanted, she calls out Smaug as being completely not human. He responds by saying that she is mistaken and tries to make an indignant exit from the room.

Her frustration must have reached its peak, seeing as how she drives her hand through the man’s chest.

X-factor 3

In the obvious shock of this outburst, everyone only watches as Smaug reveals himself as the Magus of the Technarchy, hitting Danger hard enough to send her careening into the wall. To buy the team and the civilians a moment, Polaris uses her powers to throw Magus out of the building. A moment later he is followed by the eager-to-punish Danger.

I must admit the next few panels had me confused, as Danger is first pinned to the wall, then grows until her face is larger than the Magus. I can only assume this is either one of her powers or something she has taken from the Technorganic enemy.

Quicksilver tries to use his super speed, the great equalizer, to attack the Magus, when a former ally, Warlock stops him. Without another word, both synthetic organisms vanish, teleporting to relative safety.  n the aftermath, Polaris decides that the team will be going to talk to Doug Ramsey, former New Mutant, and best friend to Warlock.

X-Factor was a good read, likeable art and characters make it easy to sit through. I couldn’t help but feel like there was a lack of depth in the writing. I can only contribute this to not having read the previous issues, but it felt as though the writer skimped on any character besides Danger. Who knows, maybe this is just her arch to shine, and we will see a greater sense of character development to come.

My rating:  3.5 / 5

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