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Marvel Comic Review: Iron Fist the Living Weapon #3 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 06/09/2014 Reviews

Iron Fist: the Living Weapon #3



I will most certainly be SPOILING!

Weapon #3 - 1

The trauma of the end of last issue is left untouched as we open the first page of this month’s installment of Iron Fist. It is replaced by the moments after Daniel’s earliest trauma, the loss of his parents in the mountains around Kun Lun. He sits in a dojo drying, obviously contemplating his parents. During the scene, we are offered a window in Iron Fist’s dreams; one where he cannot save his loved ones, and one where he isn’t safe from them. In the flashback, the Thunderer savages the young Daniel Rand with a staff, sending him sprawling and bleeding several times. The boy’s grief begins to give way to rage and as the Thunderer aims to bring the staff downward in a finishing blow, the boy raises his hand to block. The defiance brings a smile to the man’s face and he amiably allows Rand to stay in Kun Lun.

Next we find an interesting situation developing in the hospital where Daniel’s booty call and the young monk girl who gave Iron Fist his message are staying. Outside of her room, while the reporter is getting some coffee, several identical nurses, dressed almost in parody, come up to the door. At the same time a group of men who look close the same come up on the other side. As the first combatants crash through the floor, the detective is finishing an ironic statement.

“Ain’t no place safer than a hospital.”

Weapon #3 - 2

Back in the ruined Kun Lun, Danny is confronted by a traumatized citizen and almost kills him in frustration. Daniel finally gets the location of the Thunderer, his adoptive father, and heads towards the tree of immortality. As Danny sees his father’s kneeling form, he begins to apologize and comes up short. The Thunderer is headless, dead.

We get to see another flash back of a moment of weakness in Daniel Rand’s life amongst the immortals. This one showcases his unwillingness to fight until provoked beyond reason. It also shows the softer side of his life in Kun Lun, with the Thunderer and his daughter.

Weapon #3 - 3

Like the first flashback showing Daniel’s need to be provoked into action, the second shows yet another unwillingness to step into his responsibility. With Kun Lun destroyed, the Prince of Orphans asks Iron Fist to eat of the tree, become the new ruler of Kun Lun, and step past revenge.

The first two issues showed us exactly how that would turn out.

In madness and grief he destroys the tree and turns his fury on the Prince. In an almost resigned irritation, the Prince of Orphans strikes Iron Fist and sends him…somewhere.

Back in the hospital, we learn what anyone who read the Brubaker run of Iron Fist suspected, that the nurses are daughters of the Crane Mother. We also learn the bald men are Davos the Steel Serpent is leading his leading, presumably, Hydra troops. He is hunting the young monk who apparently has something that all of the celestial cities would want. We leave the monk and the reporter hiding in an alley, from the silhouette of some multi-limbed monster.

The final page is the clincher for me this month. Iron Fist crashes into the snow after sailing through space and time. He pushes himself to his feet, only to find himself before some sort of terminator hybrid of Wendell Rand, his father!

I am ecstatic at the return of Davos and at least the possibility of a new immortal weapon due to Crane Mother. The damage done by Wendell and his son in the last two issues feels so drastic that it should have been given more attention. I would say that Wendell’s existence, even as a cyborg, is a bit much. However, steam punk technology has been a part of Iron Fist in the past, as well as in his very first appearance, he was forced to fight a robot.  I’m not sure where this is going, or what the monk has to offer the world at large, but I’m looking forward to seeing where Rand’s journey takes him.

My rating 4 / 5

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