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Marvel Comic Review: Iron Fist the Living Weapon #2 – Spoiled

David Hinspeter 05/12/2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Iron Fist the Living Weapon #2

Kaare, Kyle, Andrews


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

If the first issue was to feel like a martial arts epic from the 70s or early 80s, this issue feels more like 47 Ronin. The largest portions of the story are told in Kun Lun, the mythical city that only appears once a decade and is the source of every Iron Fist.


Apparently, the immortal city runs on a cycle of death and rebirth, not unlike a phoenix. Shou-Lao, the great dragon that empowers the iron fist, is dying. Her chi will pour out into the land, and the egg she has laid will hatch. This dragon is the source of the immortality enjoyed by all of Kun Lun. All of Kun Lun is in flux, and once more Steel Phoenix, Davos, is attempting a coup, to take the city by force. It appears that he kills his sister just before a battalion of helicopters, queue up Flight of the Valkyries, rises over Kun Lun. The Yu-Ti of Kun Lun, the former Thunderer and master for dozens of Iron Fists steps up to speak with their leader. This leader is shrouded in a cloak, hiding an enormous hunched form. He reveals himself to the Thunderer, who is taken aback by what he sees. Most intriguing is the mysterious cloaked man’s final words in the comic, speaking to the Yu Ti.

“…old friend.”


Danny leaves his hook up with the injured little girl as she tries to explain to 911 what has happened, while the young girl tries to explain something about, presumably, the dragon egg from Kun Lun, and the Zombie Ninja begins melting. Iron Fist races down the hall to the main elevator in the building, and leaps down. The fall is colossal; twelve stories below the ground floor of Rand tower. His destination, a teleporter, from a bygone age, that leads to Kun Lun.

At this point, we are reminded, through flashback, about the second half of his tragic origin. For those of you who do not know, after their family friend and business partner killed his father, the murderer tries to convince Danny’s mother to go back to civilization with him. She denies him, and begins the march to try and save herself and her son. They are tracked by a pack of wolves who catch up with the Rands just as they spot a wooden bridge. They both run, and his mother sends him ahead and turns to fight the wolves, sacrificing herself so that her son would have a fighting chance. Archers from Kun Lun show up in time to save Danny, but not his horribly injured mother.

Danny comes out the other end of the teleporter and is ambushed by more zombie robot ninjas, which he quickly dispatches. Finally having a moment to look around he realizes that the ruins he is fighting in…is all that is left of Kun Lun.

I find this issue to be interesting, but the focus has shifted a little too quickly. Much of the previous issue deals with his feeling of madness, of being hollow beyond violence. This issue focuses on the upheaval of his timeless home, nearly glossing over his involvement completely. I was happy to see Steel Phoenix returning as a villain, even if the more dangerous villain, the cloaked assailant from the helicopters, is standing in the spot light. The martial arts epic feel is there, I only hope they can remained focused enough to make the story as compelling as it started.

My rating 4 / 5

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