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Marvel Comic Review: Inhuman #2 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 06/08/2014 Reviews

Inhuman #2

Soule, Madureira, Gracia


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

inhuman #2 - 1

Last issue, Medusa showed up in time to smother Dante’s inferno (pun!) and pull his family, including his mother, from the burning house. She was also enough to make Lasher abandon his mission to kill the newest Nuhuman. The family’s gratitude has cooled almost as fast as Dante has. This issue opens on Dante and his sister standing between Vinatos, an Inhuman doctor and scientist, and their deceased mother still wrapped in the Terrigenesis cocoon. They argue back and forth until Medusa and Gorgon show up. Dante bursts into flame again and Gorgon offers to help him. With a strong and unexpected right hook, Gorgon puts out the Fire.

inhuman #2 - 2

Captain America shows up to talk some serious issues with Medusa, not just to show her that she is the outsider, but to offer her help in retaking pieces of her home and finding Nuhumans. While he is there, a piece of Attilan has been discovered and has been claimed by what looks like AIM henchmen. Captain America and Medusa show up to stop them and make sure no lives are lost. The two are making short work of the AIM members until they send in a Mark IX. This enormous airship appears very intimidating until, single handedly; Medusa rips it from the sky and dashes it upon the turf of Central Park.

inhuman #2 - 3

While all of this is going down, Dante wakes up in a tank of fluid. Obviously shocked he demands to know what is going on from the only other person in the room, Gorgon. The two bond over a mutual love of metal music and Gorgon pulls him out of the tank, thinking that he isn’t going to lose it and burst into flames once more. Gorgon explains that he is going to be just fine, and offers to teach him how to set things on fire, properly.

inhuman #2 - 4

Medusa sends out a mass message to all of New York, assuring them that she means no harm and that and Nuhumans can come to her on Attilan, where they will be safe. She retires to her throne room and leaves the majority of her queenly responsibility until the next day. She does, however, have one last audience. This purple, craggy character in the nice suit goes by the name Lineage. Lineage, apparently, knows things. The most pertinent of these secrets that he knows is Black Bolt’s entire plan for releasing the mists. His final words are haunting in the last panel of the comic.

“…and baby, you’re screwing this up something fierce.”

This series is just as awesome as I expected it to be. It brings back the edges of the Friends of Humanity civil rights movement, but from the point of view of a disease. On top of that, you have Lasher whose mission is to squash the expansion of the Terrigen Mists. Finally you have the political ramifications of the Inhumans returning to the world, in a highly populated place, and in the spotlight. I can’t wait to see what is happening next, and July’s issue can’t come quick enough.

My rating 4.5 / 5

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