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Marvel Comic Review: Ghost Rider #3 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 05/24/2014 Reviews

Ghost Rider #3

Smith, Moore, Staples


I will most certainly be SPOILING!


I have been so very, very wrong! For the last two months I have been talking about how Zarathos was doing this, and Zarathos has been attacking that when in reality, it wasn’t the traditional Ghost Rider at all. Apparently, the spirit that is super charging Robbie Reyes is a human spirit by the name of Eli. Apparently Eli, the charger, and Robbie are all connected. To prove it, Eli drives the car into Robbie to prove that the car cannot hurt him. It takes very little to convince Robbie to saddle up with hellfire wreathed new friend.

In other parts of the town, Mr. Hyde is throwing a temper tantrum as his mercenaries are not working their way fast enough to the place his drugs have ended up. The one-sided nature of the conversation adds a little novelty to the scene, even past the destruction of the phone and the car.

Robbie is falling prey more and more to the greedy nature of the neighborhood around him. In this instance, it is the pawn shop that is trying to get $1400 dollars out of Robbie for another powered wheel chair. His brother, his moral compass, tells Robbie that if they apologize they might convince the other guys to give his old chair back. In an interesting narrative trick, the very next scene is another positive force in his life, a new teacher, reinforcing that his good behavior and drive prove he is extraordinary. He even offers to give Robbie’s shop some more work.

The shop, however doesn’t seem up to the challenge. When Robbie gets to work, it is obvious that it has been hit by Grumpy’s gang bangers, and they got the car back. Eli immediately begins to burst out of Robbie, when the scene switches to Grumpy and his cussing at his men. Just before Mr. Hyde’s mercenaries explode through the walls, Grumpy claims his men are worthless, and they prove it. In the ensuing firefight, Grumpy takes a handful of the Hyde Pills.


Simultaneously, Reyes shifts fully into the rider and marches into the shadows. Grumpy has escaped into the charger, with two of his cronies at the wheel. He had lifted a couch and thrown it through the mercenaries and punched a whole in the wall to escape. In his heroic efforts, he had taken a bullet to the stomach. While they race through the streets, the Rider begins to spawn out of the chargers roof. The car stops, obviously under Ghost Rider’s control, and both of the gang bangers get ripped through the roof. The fight scene is particularly overkill. I like the set of images showing Ghost Rider pounding on the former driver’s face. Each image is covered by more and more blood.  Before he could finish claiming the car, Grumpy goes full on troll mode, destroying the care and leveling a challenge to Ghost Rider.


Oh, man! I could not be happier with this series. I’m looking forward to Eli’s betrayal. It is coming, in my opinion, because Eli offered what Robbie wants most in the world, keeps telling Robbie to trust him, and the boy has asked nearly no questions before accepting that help. The new ability, being able to march through the shadows and become one with his vehicle is just incredible. With that ability, what else can he do with his favorite steed? It’s hard to see where exactly this series is going because Robbie has just as much inclination to being a villain of vengeance as he does to be a virtuous victor. C’mon next month!

My rating: 5 / 5

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