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Marvel Comic Review: Daredevil #2 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 05/28/2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Daredevil #2

Waid, Samnee, Rodriguez


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

Last issue was an excellent one off to get the reader acquainted with Daredevil’s new circumstances. There were some neat moments, fun dialogue and a twist or two. Issue #2, on the other hand, gets down to brass tacks.

We actually open onto an interesting expose style news story running side by side with a violent kidnapping. All at once, we find that it is not Matt Murdock they are talking about but the Shroud. It takes all of four panels for the reader to grasp that this is a dream. Well, mostly a dream.  As Shroud leaves his home in a somewhat slovenly manner, we are privileged to see the kidnapped gangsters tied up in his home.

daredevil #2-1

Matt enters the story proper while preparing food for a dinner party with invited guest, Deputy Mayor Charlotte Hastert who functions as his Commissioner Gordon, and his partner in law and justice, Kirsten McDuffie. Over dinner, the Deputy Mayor drops the bombshell that there is a new kingpin of crime in the area. Matt is marginally upset until the name Leland Owlsley is mentioned. Matt doesn’t seem to take the “Owl” very seriously at all.

Matt asks the deputy mayor for the biggest issue to the city. She brings up Shroud and, thanks to the Avengers, we get a broad strokes backstory for the character. He is a combination of Batman and Daredevil, with a little shadow manipulation added in for flavor. Matt begins to ask ridiculously specific questions about the man, and when he is right, mentions that Shroud is on the roof, and heads up there to confront him.

Daredevil #2-2

The preamble is only really interesting as there are a pair of panels showing how each blind character “sees” the other. The fight is interesting, and appears to be relatively even. Unfortunately, it is not even at all, and Daredevil floors the intruding Shroud. Threats are levied back and forth until Shroud points out that he has hostages to keep him out of prison, and his real reason for showing up is to force a team up with the Man Without Fear to take out the new crime boss in the city.

With only a few words, the two head to confront Owlsley right away. Daredevil’s support staff mention his old partner and the body language involved suggests that McDuffie knows something about Foggy.

The two heroes finally reach the location of the new crime kingpin and he must be formidable. They enter the building and Daredevil is immediately plunged into sensory darkness. None of his super senses matter for anything.  Matt decides to retreat, but before he can, his senses kick back in and he sees the four kidnapped mobsters tied up in front of him.

Now Matt gets it. It isn’t Leland Owlesly that has taken over organized crime. It’s Max Coleridge, the Shroud.

I have to say I loved the choice of the new rival for Daredevil. A man with martial arts training, blindness, and powers allowing him to function beyond his infirmity is perfect to tango with the Man Without Fear. He is also, apparently, the strategic match for Matt, allowing himself to lose a fight to draw the red clad devil right into his trap. I can’t wait to see where this dance is going, and look forward to the next issue with fearless anticipation.

My rating 4 / 5

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