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Marvel Comic Review: Avengers Undercover #6 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 07/07/2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

So, last issue the majority of the crew decided to stick around with the Masters of Evil to take them down from within. The only two Survivors of Murderworld who didn’t were Cammi and Death Locket. Cammi tried to leave and was savagely injured for the attempt. Death Locket is having the time of her life hanging out with Constrictor’s group of boys and hasn’t been alone long enough to be filled in on the plan.

undercover #6 1

The comic opens on Chase competing in a Death Race style race against Death Locket and Excavator. He loses thanks to a well-placed shot from her arm canon. Apparently she has won several times and now wants some pizza. For the first time since they joined the Masters, Chase has the chance to tell her what the deal is. Chase loses his opportunity when Constrictor hits the alert button and all of the members of his assault force suit up and get ready for a fight.

During the fight, which is a ground skirmish against AIM, we get a window into Death Locket’s mind and we see a kid, let off the leash for the first time, who just wants to be accepted. She is crushing pretty hard on Excavator, and parachutes in to the island. Immediately she is overwhelmed by the combat, and then starts shooting and swinging. As you might have guessed, she is pretty adept at hurting people, being a Deathlok and all. Before the team can achieve their objective, a random missile robs them of their entryway and kind of forces them to deal with the arrival of none other than Captain America himself.

undercover #6 2

If not for Chase, Death Locket would have killed Captain America just to prove she belonged there. Excavator threatens Chase, who promptly sets him on fire, buying some time to explain to the girl what the deal is. My favorite line is how Chase describes her reaction to villains so far.

“…you have a bad habit of letting the nearest sociopath work you like a muppet.”

Excavator returns looking worse for wear and gets into a scuffle with Chase. Death Locket tries to get them to stop and finally opens up with her arm canon. Opens up, and drops Chase in a single shot!

So, this series is doing a fantastic job of keeping you guessing who will become the super villain by the end of it. My original guess was Death Locket because she was the youngest, most impressionable, had the least page time, and was surprisingly passive in the opening story arc. Now, she seems to enjoy the recklessness and is given a choice. While her actions with Chase may give her a specific in with the Masters of Evil, she would have to either sell Chase up the river, or kill Excavator to hide the confrontation from the leaders. I wasn’t as interested in seeing her temptation into the Masters as I was to see what happened to Cammi. Guess I’ll wait another month to find out.

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