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Marvel Comic Review: Amazing X-Men #8 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 06/07/2014 Reviews

Amazing X-Men #8

Kyle, Yost, McGuinness, Rosenberg


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

Now, I realize the next few months of X-Men comics are most likely going to focus on Wolverine, since the next big thing is Three Months to Die. That said, it is a breath of fresh air to see an X-Men story that isn’t focusing on the newly resurrected Nightcrawler.

Amazing X-Men #8 - 1

The opening scene is one we have seen in any number of movies and television shows, where a cuckold confronts the man sleeping with his wife, and after a harmless scuffle, one or the other is dead by accident. This time it happens in a meat packing plant to hide what has happened, the cuckold throws the body into a meat grinder.

Next we see Wolverine meeting Vindica Tor, who needs his help finding her lover, who has vanished on a mission and after a fight. Wolverine pushes her to go in search of him and the two suit up.

Amazing X-Men #8 - 2

Colossus finally comes home to meet Nightcrawler and runs into Storm on a protective warpath, looking for some sign of Wolverine. Finally, she stumbles onto Ice Man who has exactly the information she is looking for.

Wolverine shows up in the town that James went missing in, and discovers something that scares him; Wendigo. In a panic he sends Vindica Tor to get help and prepares for a fight.

Back at the Jean Gray School for Higher Learning, Storm has one of her students using Cerebro to find Logan, and they do, after a little prodding. She says something that puts Storm into a panic as well.

“I think…I think he is scared.”

Amazing X-Men #8 - 3

We see Vindica Tor flying through the Canadian Forrest calling for help and catching her friend at the worst possible time. He lets the call go to voicemail and before she can dial anyone else, the Wendigo is upon her. He sinks his teeth into her leg, and despite getting herself free a second Wendigo gets a hold of her. There is actually a panel that shows her in silhouette, being pulled in two different directions and I feared she was about to be drawn and halved. Wolverine shows up and sees a milling wall of white fur and fury. What happens next is really anyone’s guess.

This is a really interesting first issue to a story arc for me.  For those readers old enough to remember, there was a trilogy of day-after-tomorrow arcs that went by the names of Earth X, Universe X, and Paradise X. In the second installment, Multiple Man turns into the Wendigo and begins ravaging the African plains. The site of the raging pack of Wendigo really makes me hope that this is the case, seeing as other elements of those books have come to fruition recently, namely the Inhuman’s releasing the Terrigen Mists. Clearly the population ate the human meat from the opening scene, but I’m curious to see why they went through such a complete and terrifying change. I am so psyched for the rest of World War Wendigo.

My rating: 4 / 5.

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