The NBA has licenced Marvel’s most popular characters for a new clothing line. The new apparel will be launching at the upcoming NBA All-Star game February 20th. Since Disney’s acquisition, Marvel and it’s characters have established a promotional relationship with the NBA. Beginning last year with a comic book cover for every team in the NBA. Featured in the Disney owned ESPN the magazine. See the all covers here via Comics Alliance.

Lisa Piken, senior director of appareling for the NBA, said the company’s history of comics “gears toward children and young kids, and we like that as well, particularly the teamwork and having superpowers (and) we can tie that back to how our players are.

Heroes appeared on the cover drawings for ESPN were often based on name or color scheme. For example Hawkeye was on the Atlanta Hawks cover and the red Hulk was featured on the Chicago Bulls cover. A similar attitude was taken toward the new choices.

We decided, for instance, it makes the most sense for the Knicks to have Spider-Man since he’s associated with New York City,” Paul Gitter, president of Marvel Entertainment’s consumer products for North America, told The Associated Press. “When you look at characters such as the Hulk, you look at Green and you think Boston Celtics. There is a method to the madness.”

Done for ESPN the Magazine

While Spider-Man as a Knicks fan makes perfect sense, the Hulk as a Boston fan makes little. Bruce banner was born in Dayton, Ohio. Most fan-ships are home based and start young. The Chicago Bulls or Cleveland Cavaliers would make more sense geographically. This “method” to the “madness” will most likely be again aimed at team colors and playing on hero names. Rather than comic book history. Some notable exceptions for the ESPN covers like the Oklahoma City Thunder’s cover having the Mighty Thor or Doom at an assembly line for Detroit’s cover were more clever. Hopefully this new apparel line will have well thought out choices for those nerds who also enjoy the NBA. Although designers will have permission to alter a costumes colors to better fit a team.

Here are some suggestions to Marvel on what hero should be a fan of what NBA team. The following is based on the city and state born in as listed at and does not include villains(or Clippers fans). Only the three most popular teams are shown.

Rick Mason(Agent), Warren Worthington III(Angel), Anya Corazon(Araña), Vance Astrovik(Astro), “Joseph” Cartelli(Blue Shield), Roscoe(Captain America), Kevin Cole, Harris Moore(Comet), Christopher Powell(Darkhawk), Alison Blaire(Dazzler), Deborah Fields(Debrii), Maria Callasantos(Feral), Nicholas Joseph Fury, Felicia Hardy(Black Cat), Steven Rogers(Captain America), Mathew Murdock(Daredevil), Aunt May, Eugene Thompson (Flash), Jonathan Lowell Storm(Human Torch), Katherine “Kate” Elizabeth Bishop(Hawkeye), Robert Louis Drake(Iceman), Susan Storm(Invisible Woman), Anthony Edward Stark(Iron Man), Jessica Campbell Jones Dwayne Michael Taylor(Night Thrasher), Kyle Richmond(Nighthawk), Frankie Raye(Nova), Richard Rider(Nova), Robert Frank Jr.(Nuklo), Jeffrey Mace(Patriot), Jean Grey-Summers(Pheonix), Ritchie Gilmore(Prodigy), Charles Francis Xavier(Professor X), Hobie Brown(Prowler), Frank Castle(Punisher), Elvin Daryl Haliday(Rage), Franklin Benjamin Richards  Robert Farrell(Rocket Racer), Peter Parker(Spider-Man), Martha “Mattie” Franklin(Spider-Woman), Celeste(Stepford Cuckoos), Esme(Stepford Cuckoos), Mindee(Stepford Cuckoos), Phoebe(Stepford Cuckoos), Sophie(Stepford Cuckoos), Ororo Munroe(Storm), Guido Carosella(Strong Guy), Benjamin Jacob Grim(Thing), Patrick “Paddy” Mulligan(Toxin), William “Billy” Kaplan(Wiccan), Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym(Yellow Jacket), Trey Jason Rollins (Aegis), Sally Avril(Bluebird), Luke Cage Joshua “Josh” Foley(Elixir), Samuel Thomas “Sam” Wilson(Falcon), Scott Washington(Hybrid), Christopher “Chris” Bradley(Maverick), Layla Rose Miller  Maximilian Quincy Coleridge(Shroud), Silhouette “Sil” Chord(Silhouette)
Hal and Chuck Chandler(3-D Man), Julia Cornwall Carpenter(Arachne), Gertrude Yorkes(Arsenic), Molly Hayes(Bruiser), Miguel Santos(Living Lightning), Monkey Joe, Jenifer Susan Walters(She-Hulk), Angelo Espinosa(Skin), Doreen Green(Squirrel Girl), Chase Stein(Talkback)
Dane Whitman(Black Knight), “Frank” Bohannan(Commando), Emma Grace Frost, Daimon Hellstrom(Hellstorm), Carol Danvers(Ms. Marvel) Santo Vaccarro(Rockslide),
Satana, Hellstrom, Walter Newell(Stingray), Elsa Bloodstone(Bloodstone), Tyrone Johnson(Cloak)

More Marvel tie ins are are possible given Disney’s history of mass merchandising. has a Marvel page full of PJ sets, cars, plush dolls, and bed sets. This could be the beginning of an onslaught of our favorite heroes representing anything the Magic Kingdom chooses, regardless of comic book sensibilities otherwise.