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Marvel Celebrates Social Media Appreciation Day!

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Marvel wants to say thank you for being a fan!   Whether you are a fan on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, Marvel wants you to know they appreciate it by giving you loads of new content.   Although they don’t specifically say what this mysterious content is, they do suggest that some of it will involve Disney XD,  which can only mean some Ultimate Spider-Man goodies!  Personally, I’d rather have some Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes content!  Oh Marvel, if you really want to show me how much you appreciate me, give me a third season!  I also wouldn’t mind you giving me all Marvel comics for free for the rest of my life.  Okay, maybe I’m getting a little greedy!


Marvel Celebrates Social Media Fan Appreciation Day!


Today is Marvel Social Media Fan Appreciation Day, celebrating over 4 million fans on the Marvel Facebook Fan Page and 300,000 fans on the Marvel Twitter page! Be sure to head on over to and for your first look at exclusive art from upcoming comics, big sales, news, & previews from inside the Marvel Universe on Disney XD. That’s not all, because we’ll have even more Mighty Marvel surprises up our sleeves that fans will only have access to TODAY! With so many ways to get your daily dose of all things Marvel, there’s no reason not to get involved.

So stay tuned to and all day long for exclusive first looks that will have you begging for more! With over 4 million fans strong on Facebook and 300,000 fans on Twitter, we want to thank you for making yours Marvel!

Marvel Social Media Fan Appreciation Day 



Not a fan yet?  Head on over to twitter and facebook and become a fan now for exclusives available today only!

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