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Marvel Announces Set Of $2.99 (Limited) Series

Skott Jimenez 12/10/2010 Features, Reviews

Consider this an editorial and the following my personal opinion, please.

Marvel has announced a wave of limited series that will be priced at $2.99. Here is the press release:

“Because you asked for it, Marvel made it happen! Here is the first wave of fantastic new limited series at $2.99 per issue. Featuring Marvel’s biggest characters and helmed by some of the industry’s most fan-favored creative teams, these limited series cover new and exciting ground from all corners of the Marvel Universe!

These new series are:


“Based on the feedback we’ve received from both retailers and fans, there’s a definite desire for limited series like Captain America: Hail Hydra or Hawkeye: Blind Spot to be priced at $2.99 per issue,” explains Senior Vice President of Sales, David Gabriel. “We’re extremely impressed with the stories our writers and artists want to tell, and we’re committed to providing these book for a great price.”

Fans demanded new titles for $2.99 per issue and Marvel listened! Now it’s time to show your support for these books in your shops by asking your retailer to order them and more are sure to come! This is the start of something big at Marvel and for fans, so get onboard now!”

Now I love Marvel, don’t get me wrong, but this whole release is probably as awesome as getting a stack of Spawn #1‘s for Christmas. While interesting it doesn’t have much value and you wonder what the thoughts of the person who gave them to you were.

Marvel, in this release, claims we, the fans, and retailers have been demanding new titles priced at $2.99 and that we want MORE Wolverine and Captain America books. They say we want miniseries like these priced at $2.99 per issue. Marvel, it seems is either VERY out of touch with reality or flat out ignoring what the readers want.

We don’t want more miniseries priced at $2.99 we want more REGULAR books priced at $2.99. Why is Thor priced at $3.99? Now add to that a simple question: Why do we need an Arcade miniseries priced at $2.99 and why would we support that when we tried our best to support the $2.99 Thor, The Mighty Avenger title and that got killed before it hit issue 10 even though it was selling better than many other titles that Marvel keeps running. The thing with

$3.99 for Thor? Why?

miniseries is it’s just as easy, and most times cheaper, to simply wait until the trade comes out. Why support something that you know will be out in a collected edition with a slightly lower price point in a few months? Miniseries that aren’t events are not high priority to me. Well, unless it’s Marvel Zombies, I can’t resist those. I would also support a new Nextwave miniseries. I won’t support any of these books though.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to lower the prices of titles like Thor and The Avengers (you can do this easily by dropping the very pointless “Oral History Of The Avengers”) and actually give some support to the lower selling but very well done titles like Thor, The Mighty Avenger than toss out a bunch of miniseries that are neither wanted or needed and proclaim “we’re doing this AND pricing them at $2.99 because YOU demanded it!” which is little more than looking at us like children and telling us take it or leave it.

My point here is this: We don’t want more miniseries priced at $2.99. We want out regular titles priced at $2.99. Marvel’s announcement here ignores all the questions and demands for lower prices over the last many months while playing it like they are actually giving in to our demands. They aren’t. They give us what we neither want nor need while ignoring what we REALLY want.

Personally, and this is just me, it makes more sense to have miniseries and event books priced higher than a regular book. With a regular title, as long as the story and art are both compelling and interesting we will keep buying and it gives a constant flow of revenue. A mini is very finite and you would want to get the most out of it while it lasts. It makes sense that Hawkeye: Blind Spot would be priced at $3.99 but it doesn’t make sense why Thor is priced that way.

These are my thoughts on Marvel’s newest ploy to give us back our $2.99 titles. What are you thoughts?

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  1. Andy Kirby 12/14/2010 at 5:05 am

    I remember when my books were $1.99.

    Is this just the normal inflation/price jumping? Or are they really that out of touch. We don't want the "premium" content with back-up stories. I'd like a $2.99 book with a single story in it.


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