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Mars NOT Attacking Broadway – Tony Committee Disappointed.

David Vandervliet 04/01/2012 Reviews

IDW Publishing just announced via their Facebook page that Mars Attacks, 21st Century Slaughter, the musical version of the Topps Trading cards series (and IDW comic series) they announced last week was in fact, an early April Fools day prank.

The story was covered by many outlets as legitimate, including

Mars Attacks - Not coming to B'way

IDW had this to say on it’s Facebook page:

APRIL FOOLS! There will in fact be no Mars Attacks on Broadway— at least not yet anyway! We’re glad so many people enjoyed our little bit of fun, especially those who were excited to see it hit the stage.


While Mars Attacks will not be appearing as a musical just yet, we do hope you will all check out the many exciting things happening with Mars Attacks in 2012— and beyond!

-Topps & IDW

The news was not completely unbelievable, as comics on Broadway are not unheard of; Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark is currently running to full houses, with amazing (and near fatal) aerial stunts over the audiences head. StarKid Productions, the folks who brought you a Very Potter Musical just recently staged Holy Musical B@man (B-at-man, get it?) in Chicago, which will probably be 10 times better than any official Batman musical that may ever get produced. And of course there is the grand-daddy of comic book musicals, It’s a Bird.. It’s a Plane.. It’s Superman! first produced on Broadway in 1968 and mercifully closed after only 129 performances.

Was I the only one interested in actually seeing them try this? If Ghost and Addams Family  can be turned into musicals, why not Mars Attacks?   Don’t believe you could enjoy a musical about aliens?  Check out Starkid’s  musical  Starship

And here’s the preview for Holy Musical B@man

And look,  adding musical numbers even makes Batman and Robin watchable. (This is not Holy Musical, B@man!)

Well played IDW. Color me fooled.

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  1. Rob The Wrecker 04/01/2012 at 10:00 pm

    I am so incredibly disappointrfd by this news…. though it was an awesome prank.

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