If you were reading what the Comic Booked team are looking forward to in 2011 when we were discussing it last week, you would’ve noticed that I was particularly excited for the forthcoming inaugural Kapow! Comic Con, which is notable for being a comics convention put together by a comics pro – specifically Nemesis, Kick Ass 2 and Superior writer Mark Millar.

Not only is Kapow! gearing up to be a great chance for aspiring comic creators to mingle with comics luminaries and have their work evaluated by comics professionals, it’s now asking comic fans to be even more directly involved – by asking you to design the cover for the convention’s brochure. Here’s what Kapow! had to say, which also serves as a timely reminder as to why you should be excited for the main event in April:

Kapow! Comic Con

Kapow! Comic Con is offering one lucky winner the opportunity to have their artwork and design used as the front cover of the Kapow! brochure (A5). Kapow! Comic Con, taking place at the London Business Design Centre on April 9th & 10th, is bringing the San Diego Comicon experience to these shores.

This exclusive competition will get your work in front of more than 10,000 people walking through the Kapow! Comic Con doors over the weekend, including representatives from the biggest UK and US publishers and Hollywood agents and producers all on the lookout for new talent.

The unrivalled guest list of comic talent includes Jonathan Ross, Frankie Boyle, Stewart Lee and Noel Clarke, who all contribute to UK news-stand magazine CLiNT, and will be signing comics and taking part in panel discussions. John Romita Jr. (Kick-Ass), Dave Gibbons (Watchmen), Frank Quitely (Batman), Leinil Yu (Secret Invasion), Bryan Hitch (The Ultimates, The Authority) Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Civil War) and many, many more will all be signing autographs, speaking on panels and giving exclusive previews of upcoming works.

Other events in addition to portfolio reviews, signings and panels include the first ever Stan Lee Awards with Stan himself explaining, “this is a fantastic platform to reward the cream of comic book talent for all their creativity and imagination throughout 2010, which has brought us so much entertainment and inspiration” on Saturday 9th April, and Jonathan Ross’ Comic Pro vs. Fan Quiz. Both of these events will be streamed online, and Kapow! attendees will be amongst the first in the world to get an exclusive sneak peek at upcoming comics, movie blockbusters and hit TV shows from the biggest publishers and studios in the world.

With the Hollywood movie and TV guest list being announced on 14th February 2011, this is a star-studded line up to reflect the excitement and the talent involved in the biggest year for comic book movies so far. To enter the competition for your design to appear on the Kapow! brochure front cover simply email a PDF of your entry to [email protected] with the subject heading ‘Kapow! front cover’. The winner will be contacted by Kapow! in early March.

Competition Terms & Conditions

1.       Kapow! Comic Con’s decision on the winner is final and will not be open to discussion
2.       There is no alternative prize
3.       All entries must be received by February 28th 2011

I’m not kidding, I am all over this, and I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what Kapow! are looking for. Here’s my entry – a dare I say it, very handsome little number – which will shortly be winging its way to them and consequenly winning the competition:

Do I win?


Think you could do better? I’d like to see you try! Start sending your entries in and we’ll see who wins!