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Marceline the Vampire Queen Headlines in Adventure Time Comic

Rachel Crisson 04/18/2012 Reviews

With all the cool comic and other geek news coming out of C2E2 this week, it’s almost understandable that some news not released in Chicago got lost in the flow… But I still can’t believe I that I just got word of this today!

Adventure Time‘s Marceline the Vampire Queen is getting her own musically-themed spin-off comic! Released by Boom! Studios, the comic will be called Adventure Time: Marceline And The Scream Queens.

The cover by JAB!
Marceline the Vampire Queen

As you can tell from the poster above, the band will, at the very least, feature the up-to-this-point scientist-only Princess Bubblegum as well. That is an idea that is really exciting to me…. and the legions of Adventure Time fans who dig seeing the two monarchs together. Even the publisher has announced that bit as truth:

Thanks to a newfound interest in music, Princess Bubblegum joins Marceline’s paranormal rock band for a tour across the land of Ooo! But when they’re threatened by everything from scenesters to beasts born of self-doubt, can they make it to the RADDEST GIG EVER in time?!

That’s right! The baddest bass-playing vampire in all of Ooo is teaming up with the gummy scientist princess and they’re going on tour! Even better, the comic will be written and drawn by Meredeth Gran of the really rad webcomic Octopus Pie! Other big names to grace this particular comic include Chynna Clugston, Lucy Knisley, Ming Doyle and Colleen Coover, who will be drawing the variant covers. Jen Wang will also be doing a backup story for the comic.

Lucy Knisley’s cover!
Finn and Jake putting up signs for Marceline and PB's show.

Although this art is not the final work, it’s got a few clues in it that I think are at least interesting possibilities: the poster Finn and Jake are hanging says the gig will be held at the Candy Castle, Princess Bubblegum’s home. Since Marceline a vampire, and thus prone to igniting under the sun’s rays, sunset makes sense. The cover to get in the gig is “red,” presumably meaning items for Marceline to eat (the color red is her preferred food choice over blood). And it says to… bring your own PJs? Bubblegum has been known to throw sleepovers for her Candy Kingdom subjects in the castle, but the last time she threw one (in the Adventure Time TV show) was when she and Finn accidentally created zombies that threatened to eat all the citizens of the kingdom. But… It really would be the raddest gig ever if candy zombies were once again involved!

Here is a cover from Chynna Clugston!
Marceline the Vampire Queen being rad... and just a little creepy, too. With Princess Bubblegum!

The announcement comes on the waves of adoration from fans who love Pendleton Ward’s TV show and are just realizing, at Boom!’s table at recent conventions, that the publisher has had a few issues of Adventure Time comics available for purchase. Though many of them have sold out, they are still available for digital download at comiXology!

There are four issues available so far, written by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics, and drawn by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb. The first issue had seven alternative covers over the course of three print runs, and subsequent issues have had between two and four variant covers so far. It only makes sense that Boom! would want to capitalize on the tenfold attention the female rulers of Ooo have been receiving lately in a new comic series.

Here is Ming Doyle’s cover!
Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen getting down!

And finally, here is the super-rad cover by Coleen Coover!
Marceline being rad as she shreds with her axe!

I’m pretty sure my excitement over this is apparent, but what about you guys? Who else is excited about this comic? I wonder what capacity Finn and Jake will be in this spin-off… Groupies perhaps? What kind of shenanigans do you hope the girls will get into across the Land of Ooo?

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