History, formerly known as The History Channel, has produced their first ever graphic novel, Mankind the Story of All of Us. It’s been published in partnership with Silver Dragon Books, the all ages imprint of Zenescope. This project is not only a crossover between comics and television, but between education and entertainment! With all this sharing going on, we’ve decided to do some of our own! We’re encouraging you to do some sharing too, and for at least one lucky fan there’s a reward!
I wrote a preview for the original program, about the emergence of mankind and our dominance over the landscape, yet still somehow managed to miss the premiere of the show! Luckily History has made it free for all online. I love anything that takes a look at humanity prehistory. It can be difficult to explore, with a lot of the cold hard facts lost to time, which is probably why it’s so fascinating to me. As we progress through the ages, Mankind covers a number of topics, including how and why dogs came to be man’s best friend, and the importance to our identity of art. Speaking of art, the comic book really does provide me with a perfect example with which to illustrate its importance. You can present a person with a whole library of data, or hours of lecture, and only teach them so much. But when you can relate history in the context of a story, we can understand it so much more on a human level. Actually seeing someone “looking . . .  for the muddy spaces between the vast, ever spreading sheets of ice, hoping for even a hint of edible berries or grain,” does so much more than just tell you there was an ice age. Comic books are a versatile medium, and the more I see them used, the better I feel about the future of the hobby! That’s enough of my thoughts, now it’s your turn to weigh in! The show is out, the first comic is available. Check them out and come back here to let everyone involved know what you think. Our contest tallies up the comments and shares, and someone is getting a signed, graded, SDCC exclusive comic book! It’s CGC graded 9.6, and signed by Neal Adams, Shawn Brock, Dennis Calero, Nathan Edmondson, and Giovanni Timpano!

 Mankind Comic Book Contest

Stay tuned for more episodes and issues of Mankind!