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Magic: The Gathering Return to Ravnica Announced

Richard Wilcox 04/11/2012 Reviews

Those who were in attendance to the PAX East 2012 Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering panel hosted by Paul Levy, Dave Humpherys, Brady Dommermuth, and Dave Guskin were presented an awe inspiring announcement: The October 2012 fall expert Magic: The Gathering Expansion set code named ‘Hook’ will be none other than Return to Ravnica.

Those who have played Magic: The Gathering for any prolonged period of time would recognize the name. The original Ravnica is known for being amongst the most balanced sets since Urza. Under the hash tag of #mtgrtr, Twitter has been filled with discussion as to what wonders Return to Ravnica will have in store.

Jace and Niv-Mizzet overlooking Ravnica

The only artwork that has been released (apart from its expansion symbol) is of a powerfully standing Jace along-side/in front of what appears to be Niv-Mizzet overlooking the ecumenopolis that is Ravnica. Rumors throughout the internet speculate that this means Niv-Mizzet might become a planeswalker in Return to Ravnica. And I can about guarantee this means we get a version 4 Jace as well. Along with the theme of the original Ravnica expansions we’ll probably be seeing many multicolored spells and hopefully a few new “shock lands” like Blood Crypt, Overgrown Tomb, Steam Vents, and Watery Grave(a must have for anyone who specializes in dual colored deck builds). I, for one, wonder if there will be anything built upon the guild system established prior in the original Ravnica by adding new guilds beyond the ten. But until we get closer to the release month of October all of this remains nothing more than rumor and speculation.
Magic: The Gathering Return to Ravnica

Set Name Return to Ravnica
Block Set 1 of 3 in the Return to Ravnica block
Number of Cards 274
Prerelease Events September 29-30, 2012
Release Date October 5, 2012
Launch Weekend October 5-7, 2012
Game Day October 27-28, 2012
Pro Tour Return to Ravnica Dates October 19-21, 2012
Pro Tour Return to Ravnica Location Seattle, WA, USA
Pro Tour Return to Ravnica Formats Swiss:
• Modern Constructed
• Return to Ravnica Draft
Top 8:
• Modern Constructed
Official Three-Letter Code RTR


Twitter Hashtag #MTGRTR


Design Team
Ken Nagle (lead)
Zac Hill
Alexis Janson
Mark Rosewater
Ken Troop


Development Team
Erik Lauer (lead)
Zac Hill
Dave Humpherys
Tom LaPille
Adam Lee
Billy Moreno
Shawn Main


Languages English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Available in Booster Packs, Intro Packs*, Event Decks*, Booster Battle Packs*, Fat Pack*

Magic the Gathering Return to Ravnica Expansion SymbolReturn to Ravnica is set 1 of 3 in the Return to Ravnica block, and will be featuring 274 cards. Prerelease events by Wizards of the Coast will be September 29th through 30th with a launch day of October 5th, 2012. But don’t worry, we’ll probably have another awesome contest for you win some cards by then so you can walk into Friday Night Magic like a boss.

Let’s start a few new rumors, what are you hoping to find in the new expansion?

Are you psyched?

And for those of you living in or visiting the Hampton Roads area, please join us for weekly tournaments and Friday Night Magic at 859 S. Lynnhaven Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
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  1. andrew 05/09/2012 at 9:26 am

    We know they wont bring back convoke beacuse of innistrads stupid tokens. The guilds got disbanded at the end of the ravnica block so they may do a loyrwin/shadowmoor thing where they invert the guilds (insted of green/white being tokens to giant creatures, have it be the white cards from boros and the green from golgari). Or they may do scapes and shards (im praying they dont!) They may even do nicol bolas invades and causes havoc. If we are lucky, they will have the reminants of the guilds band together in allout war against the their former allies. But for as long as i live, sylensea will rule the muliverse!!!

    Single color – artifact

    Dual color – green/white

    Tricolor – green/white/red

    For the win

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