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Luke’s Toy Store Gets Exclusive Battle Beasts #1 Cover

Jenna D. 06/23/2012 ZDONOTUSE

Luke’s Toy Store will be getting an exclusive cover for Battle Beasts #1. The cover, with artwork by Valerio Schiti, will be limited to 800 copies. The first issue will be released on July 15.

Luke’s Toy Store gets exclusive Battle Beasts #1 cover


battle beasts coverLuke’s Toy Store will be getting an exclusive variant cover of the new Battle Beasts #1 comic by IDW Publishing. This cover features new artwork by Valerio Schiti, and is limited to only 800 copies. While Luke’s Toy Store normally focuses on block figures such as Minimates, their customers’ high demand for this issue allowed an exclusive edition to be created.


The Battle Beasts series is written by Bobby Curnow (Godzilla Legends, Night of 1000 Wolves) and penciled by Valerio Schiti (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Donatello, Dungeons & Dragons: Eberron). It focuses on a group of renegade Beasts who return to Earth to protect the ultimate weapon (and the human who activated it) from an armada of their violent brethren.


On July 15th, IDW will launch the series with issue #1, and the first full wave of Battle Beasts Minimates will be revealed, which will be at Luke’s Toy Store in late fall of 2012! The first wave of two-packs will focus heavily on characters who appear in the comic, and will have a gameplay element, as well.


Battle Beasts #1 Luke’s Toy Store Exclusive Edition ($3.99, 32 pages, full color) can be preordered here:

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    They got the best cover!

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