LOST, an ABC television series that started in 2004, was one of those few shows that was able to grab my interest. Well, it’s actually the only television show that has caught my interest. And by ‘catch my interest’ I mean I was completely obsessed with it. I have been all over LOST message boards, and I was on Lostpedia more than I was checking out my waiver wire on fantasy football. But then something awful happened.The show ended after six seasons and all was lost. No pun intended.

Now I am not about to try to start a comment war on whether or not the finale was good or terrible, but I loved the show from start to finish. I hold no ill feelings towards anything done, except maybe Mr. Eko being the only main character to not appear in season six. Stephen McPherson, ABC President, has been on record of saying even though LOST is over, we (ABC) don’t plan on just letting it sit on a shelf. Ok Stephen, then let me propose an idea to you – make LOST a comic book series.

I know LOST has gone down the marketing path before with attempts like the horrible video game Lost: Via Domus, but I think as long as people are familiar with the source material and understand the characters a video game based on the show SHOULD have been great. Especially with games like Tomb Raider and Uncharted, a LOST video game should have been cake, with some seriously fun game play. But it was not fun,  it didn’t follow the concept of the series.  It most certainly didn’t respect the characters, so it failed. The people who would handle this comic would have to have known the characters and how to write and develop them. Nobody makes their characters shine or gives them incredible depth like Marvel. Seeing as Disney owns LOST and Marvel, they kind of go hand in hand.

It doesn’t necessarily have to take place in the present, it could very easily take place in other time frames, such as the 70’s or 1800’s, as long as the story is still compelling and it includes one crazy island, I think this could be a really great idea. And then you could show everything that happened while Ben Linus and Hurley ran the Island. Dharma Intiative series is not a bad idea either.

In closing, I feel like if Buffy/Dollhouse/X-Files/etc. can all transition from screen to comic book so smoothly, so why not LOST? Come on Marvel/Disney no question about it, it would make money. Just something to think about.

And here is a picture of Evangeline Lilly for no reason at all. Enjoy.