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Look! Up In The Sky! It’s…Fables!?

Skott Jimenez 01/11/2011 ZDONOTUSE

Fables #102

Yeah, Fables, the long running Vertigo series featuring the lives and trials of our childhood fairytale characters will be entering the super hero genre beginning with February’s Fables #102.

The 5-issue story begins with, according to the solicits,  asking why “Pinocchio suddenly got it into his head that he needs to design tight-fitting costumes for a carefully selected small team of Fables?”

Fables #103

Long time fans of the series will remember Pinocchio, Boy Blue and Flycatcher (the Frog Prince) are all comic book fans. Does this have something to do with this? Either Pinocchio has lost his mind or something else is at work here.

Regardless, we will have a small group of Fables that will have super hero costumes and, I assume, code names to go along with it.

But where is this going? Again, long time fans will understand the nothing happens in the Fables Universe unless it’s for a reason. But it seems writer Bill Willingham has shocked not only fans of the series but also the editor, Shelly Bonds. According to the Vertigo: Graphic Content blog, Bonds response was similar to mine:

Interior art from Fables #102

“My initial reaction was probably similar to yours: WTF?!?! But then Bill offered up an explanation. It’s a sendup to 1950 comic books – sort of. In classic Willingham style, Bill wanted to do a storyline that was nothing that any Fables fan could see coming…what else could you do post 101 issues but give readers something truly unexpected? But trust me–it’s more than Ozma’s big idea to form a super team to ward off evil powers…there are relationship troubles galore involving Beauty and the Beast and their new bundle of joy (?), Snow White and Bigby and even some reappearances by characters long forgotten and abhorred.”

This just gets me even more curious about the purpose behind this. Willingham has created this vast universe filled with fascinating characters in this series that has been a long time favorite of mine, truely one of the only non-super hero books that I look forward to reading each and every month…well, I guess non-super hero until now. I have no fears that this will be another great installment in the Fables world and can’t wait to see how Willingham puts a 1950’s comics spin on his Fables creations.

Fables #104

Also, the covers will come into play here. According to the blog, all 5 covers for this story will be homages to classic DC Comics covers. The covers for the first 3 parts have been released, which, according to cover artist Joao Ruas, sets a very Golden Age tone for this story. Interior art for #102 has also been released

So an new era has begun. I just hope we don’t have a “Wonder-Fables Powers: Activate!” cry…though “Fables! Assemble!” has a nice ring to it.

Fables #102 goes on sale February 16, 2011 followed by Fables #103 on March 23, 2011

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  1. Colin Bell 01/11/2011 at 2:34 pm

    I'm sorry to say that Fables has completely passed me by, to the point where I just find over 100 issues too daunting to catch up on. I'm kicking myself for never getting into it earlier because I never hear anything but good things about it.

  2. Skott of Fables 01/11/2011 at 4:53 pm

    I grabbed the first issue on a fluke. I just liked the cover. (#1 had two covers and the other one I still need, gives me something to look for) I never expected to like it and really never expected to still be with it.

    As for catching up…three words: Trades. Get them. I'm actually going to get the trades myself even though I have all the issues. It's just easier to share it with people who haven't read it yet.

  3. Andy Kirby 01/12/2011 at 11:55 am

    What an interesting mesh of genre. I gotta catch up on this.

  4. Brian 02/24/2011 at 8:08 am

    I have been with Fables since the beginning and have never stopped loving it. I love the writing, interior, and the cover art is amazing! I never buy paintings because I just frame the issues. I was just wondering what DC issues these covers pay homage to. I got the death of Superman one,and issue #103. But what are the others?

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