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“Level Up” Gaming News: To Blow, or Not to Blow?

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It looks like it’s about “Level Up” time again–that special time in every gamer’s life when their bodies start changing and… Whoops, what I meant to say was–that special time each week when we take a look at some of the biggest video game news stories. This past week was the Tokyo Game Show. You just know there are some interesting new developments to take a look at, so let’s hop right in!

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Any DC Comics fans here? Yeah, I thought so. NetherRealm’s new superhero fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, debuted a scrappy new trailer at the Tokyo Game Show. You can really tell that this is the creative team that brought us Mortal Kombat. Now that they are part of Warner Bros. Interactive, they’re ready to tackle some DC characters. I for one, can’t wait to beat the living hell out of Superman’s arrogant mug, in this game that seems even more promising with each new look. See for yourself in the trailer below.

PS3 Gets Slimmer

New PS3 slimmerNo, the PS3 didn’t start eating sensibly and working out (that I know of). Sony officially announced an even slimmer version of the PS3 at the Tokyo Game Show. In addition to the slim and sleek redesign, the new model will be available in two variations: a 250 GB or a 500 GB version. There will also be a white color option that at this point looks like it will only be available in Japan.  As you can see from the image, the new design is thinner, more elliptical, and has a ribbed (for your pleasure) section with a sliding cover for discs. The 250 GB PS3 will be available in the US on September 25th, with the 500 GB version available a month later on October 30th (in conjunction with the arrival of Assassin’s Creed III).

Wii U Will be Region-Locked

Nintendo’s new Wii U recently had a flood of good news, but this time the piece of news isn’t so shiny. Even though gamers may have had hopes of finally being able to play their favorite JRPGs and import games on this Nintendo device, they will not be able to do so.  Nintendo told the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu that (just like its predecessors) the Wii U will be region-locked. While Sony and Microsoft currently allow individual game developers to decide if their games will be region-locked, Nintendo has a long history (dating back to the NES) of making this choice for everyone. This decision makes me want to exclaim, “Wii BOO!” [as in: the interjection used to express disappointment or outrage]. Oh well, there’s always next time.

Sleeping Dogs DLC News

Sleeping Dogs from Square Enix tore up the UK sales charts (and faired pretty well here in the US as well). Now some DLC is on the way this October for fans who just can’t get enough. DLC packs include: a Street Racer Pack (self-explanatory), a Tactical Soldier Pack for some of the game’s most powerful armor and weaponry, a SWAT Pack with 20 new missions, and a FREE Community Gift Pack with new content (did I mention that it’s FREE). Details on new story content will be revealed at a special New York Comic Con panel on October 14th, so stay tuned for details. In the meantime, check out this Sleeping Dogs DLC trailer.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie Preview

I have been known rant about the lack of innovation and ridiculously truncated campaigns in the Call of Duty games, but the fact remains that the franchise is still fun to play, and the next installment will sell tens of millions of copies regardless of what anyone says. One of everyone’s favorite COD features is the Zombie Survival mode. Behold the preview video.

EA News Round-up

Electronic Arts put together a nice video news round-up about a bunch of their projects, including: Dragon Age III: Inquisition, Need for Speed Most Wanted, SimCity, FUSE, and Medal of Honor Warfighter!

Borderlands 2 Bug

Borderlands 2I, like so many others, have been blissfully blasting away in Borderlands 2.  However, reports are popping up on the game’s forums of a reset bug that is wiping out players’ badass totals.  I have spent an obscene amount of time playing this game the past week and haven’t personally encountered this problem, but apparently many gamers have. Thankfully Gearbox is looking into this issue. In the meantime, players are suggesting the preventative measure of using alternate profiles as an emergency insurance policy. Look for a likely patch to be made available at some point in the near future.

To Blow, or Not to Blow?

You are probably wondering what that “To Blow, or Not to Blow?” part of the title was all about. Retro gaming enthusiasts should pay close attention to this one. Over on Motherboard, Derek Mead wrote an interesting article on the potential harm caused by blowing the dust out of malfunctioning Nintendo cartridges, which led me to another even more extensive article by Chris Higgins, who has actually spent some time studying this phenomenon. We have all tried blowing on the contacts of a misbehaving cartridge at some point throughout the years, but it turns out that it may not be as effective as we once thought, and evidence points to the theory that it might actually harm our beloved retro games. THE HORROR! Be sure to check out both of these articles in the hyperlinks above, and spread the awareness.

DO NOT Blow Me video game cartridge

That’s all for this installment of “Level Up.” We’ll see you next time. Until then: may your mind and reflexes be sharp, your Red Bull aplenty, your controller always charged, and your hardware free of fatal errors.

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