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Leprechaun Returns In New WWE Films Release

Bill Ivie 06/16/2014 Movies and TV

Leprechaun: Origins Star Dylan PostlThe great Warwick Davis introduced the world to a new vision for leprechauns in 1993 when the comedy-horror movie aptly titled Leprechaun debuted on the big screen. That movie shed a new light on what happens to the people that find the infamous pot of gold. It spawned three follow-up films and became a cult classic.

WWE Films has decided to revisit the legend of the leprechaun, this time providing the title Leprechaun: Origins and casting Dylan Postl in the title role. Postl, for wrestling fans, is known on screen as Hornswoggle.

The WWE version, due out in August of this year, has done away with the comedy and gone straight horror with the film. It is fair to note that WWE has found a moderate amount of success with movies in the horror film category, having produced Oculus, No One Lives, See No Evil and See No Evil 2 among others. Many of their movies have featured wrestlers in key roles and this one will be no different.

It appears that the new release will carry a much more traditional horror movie feel. The initial trailer, which you can watch below, shows two young couples visiting Ireland. During their trip, they are told of a way to witness the countryside through a seven mile hike. One of the main characters even acknowledges that they are headed to the horror film classic location of a “cabin in the woods”. Of course, once there they soon discover the ancient history of the mythical leprechaun. It is easy to get the feel of classic horror movies that take their time building up the suspense long before you actually see the antagonist of the movie.

The movie may not be for everyone and the WWE Films attachment will drive some fans away. However, given the opportunity, this could become a classic horror film for the ages.

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What do you think about the trailer? Are you excited to see the movie or is this one you will skip? Tell us in the comments below.

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