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Leaked Images Confirm “Dead Space 3” Multi-Player?

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Goodness gracious, great hordes of Dead Space necromorphs! New screen grabs have surfaced (even though some of the bigger sites can’t seem to provide a proper link, hat tip to the good site of Dead Space 3, and the Marker has heard our prayers and potentially answered with the much longed-for multi-player mode! While none of this speculation is confirmed as of yet (look for some BIG forthcoming announcements when this EA (Electronic Arts) game takes its initial spin on the dance floor at E3), it is hard to argue with visual proof. Will we finally be able to share the heart-pounding experience that is Dead Space with a drop-in, drop-out co-op? Please let it be so! Dead Space 3 is rumored to have a tentative early 2013 release date (March). But I get ahead of myself. Let us take a look at this beautifully scored, yet roughly animated Dead Space motion comic/trailer that dropped this week (the soundtrack and sound effects of the Dead Space franchise are really what puts it over the top. Curious that other games can’t seem to figure this formula for survival horror thrills and chills).

So yes, that’s all well and good, but the screen shots are what really fuels the fire of our flame-thrower. If these shots don’t scream that a like a likely muli-player is on the way, well then, I am hanging up my speculation goggles. Check out for even more images!

Dead Space 3 screen shot 1

Dead Space 3 screen shot 2

Dead Space 3 screen shot 3

YES! My heart is already racing. Stay tuned for more details and info as it becomes available, and check back in here at for E3 coverage!

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