Flash Thompson has been through a lot during his years. One of the oldest characters still appearing in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, Flash has gone from Peter Parker’s bully, to Spider-Man’s B.F.F., to decorated D.A.V. Earlier this year, Flash Thompson was revealed to be the newest host for the Venom symbiote. As part of a military experiment, Flash, in the guise of Venom, has been used to infiltrate and eliminate many threats to the American public. However, what Flash has faced so far is nothing compared to what’s in store for him.

Cover art by Tony MooreIt’s a brand new direction for Flash Thompson as artist Lan Medina (Castle: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm) joins Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force) in your first look at Venom #10! The identity of Venom is in the hands of the villainous Crime-Master and Flash will do anything to keep it from getting out – even if it means going rogue! That’s right, Venom has broken the rules and not only is he on the top of the Americas Most Wanted list, but Captain America’s out to get him. This December, America’s Secret Soldier goes against America’s Super Soldier in Venom #10!

Rick Remender has been doing a bang up job as the writer of Venom, putting Flash through the wringer and really testing his resolve as a hero. Despite seeing glimpses of the symboite acting like we would expect, Flash has been able to stay (mostly) on point. To team Remender with Lan Medina, who has worked on District X for Marvel and The Punisher under Marvel’s MAX imprint, is a stroke of genius. Medina’s art portrays very serious tones, which fit well with the direction Venom has been taking. Not only will the future of the book be well written, but it will be beautiful to boot.


VENOM #10 (OCT110634)

Pencils by LAN MEDINA



FOC – 11/7/11, ON SALE 12/7/11

Art by Lan Medina

Art by Lan Medina