How is it that twenty some years ago comic books were some harsh secret to harbor? I know I wasn’t very forward to my friends about this. Only one of them collected comics because I did,  and I collected because I liked the story. I never understood how through my youth I hated reading, but these four color books seemed to just call me. When that one book eventually came out hooking me, I was gone. I never made it known to the girls I was dating that I collected, but they eventually found out when they came over. It is not easy to impress them when you have comic books hanging in mylar bags displayed around the upper part of the room.

This wasn’t a cause for a break up because they mainly sat in their boxes, with the only real evidence of any comic geekdom hanging on my walls. I remember the Bill Sienkiewicz poster directly next to the girls in thong bikinis getting ready to ride bicycles and of course the multiple pictures of Alyssa Milano.  I had the typical guys’ room. As I grew older I still collected, and even if my other half in the relationship never understood, she never objected. I condensed my collection down a little over five years ago. This was done for a few reasons, all of which sucked.

I collect differently now. I even started to place pictures from certain cosplay sites on my hard drive and am thinking of dressing up in a steam-punk style next year for con season. I already tried the cosplay scene once when I dressed up as The Doctor at Wizard World 2010. As I was walking around and passed Lord Vader, even he gave me kudos and lowered his head saying “Doctor”.  I mean seriously? Darth Vader bowing his head to me? How cool is that!

I do enjoy how more women are into the comic scene then there were years ago. Maybe just maybe I might find one that is a tad bit worse than me.  We all have our vices, dreams, ambitions, and desires but isn’t it nice when you can combine all of those and talk about it freely. Just look at Stan Lee! He is an 84 year old kid. What part of your collection did you hide as a kid and are proud of now. Was it comic books? Action figures (they aren’t dolls!), maybe even shot glasses?


Thanks for Reading